Guide for Side Quests in Crookbag Bog in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

This page provides a detailed walkthrough for all the side quests related to Crookback Bog in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. Players can learn how to obtain a special root for a sage from the village of Benek, how to handle a ghost from a tree, how to properly examine the Reardon house, and where to locate a false witcher.

  • Hazardous Goods
  • The Truth is in the Stars
  • The Whispering Hillock
  • The Fall of the House of Reardon
  • Witcher Wannabe

Hazardous Goods

In this quest, players will encounter a villager named Gert Borel on the road near Lindenvale who has been attacked and needs help. After killing three ghouls (level 4) attacking him, players can talk to him and learn that he is transporting corpses for money. They can either leave him alone or burn the corpses with Igni sign for safety. Players will receive 20 experience points for helping him and choosing to burn the corpses.

The Truth is in the Stars

The Old Sage (M9,6) in Benek village can be found in this quest. Players can choose to play Gwent with him during the quest Gwent: Velen Players. The proper task involves bringing him some food and then finding a special root in the cave (M9,7) southeast from the village. After defeating the group of ghouls (level 2) in the cave and finding the Dragonroot on the eastern side of the cave, players can return it to the sage and receive 50 experience points.

The Whispering Hillock

This quest is related to the main quest Ladies of the Wood. Players will encounter a ghost inside a cave (M9,8) south of Donwarren who will ask for help to be released. They can choose to refuse and face Endregas (workers – level 6) or attack the plant in which the ghost is imprisoned until its heart is exposed and use fire on it. Players will not receive any rewards for the battle but can collect Diamond dust from the remains.

The ghost leads you to a grave in the northwest of the swamp, where you need to take some bones. To get a crow\’s feather, go to the Donwarren village in the west. You can find it near a large nest on the edge of the rock behind the bridge. Once you have the required items, go to the location pointed out by the ghost, west of the cave. Use the Axii sign to calm down a horse and ride it to the cave. You can then outsmart the tree and defeat it by selecting the correct dialogue option. Releasing the ghost will end the quest as he will enter the horse\’s body.

The Fall of the House of Reardon

This quest can be found on the notice board in Lindenvale. Talk to Dolores, who will ask you to clean her old house and give you a key to the chest with savings as a reward. Start by cleaning the outside, where you will face four ghouls on level 7. Inside the house, you will find a small chest on the western side, containing the stable key, and a chest with 100 florens inside the stable on the southeastern side. Use your witcher senses to find Dolores\’ journal in the building on the eastern side. In the basement behind the stable, you can collect some alchemy ingredients and find a corpse behind a wall. Although this information can be given to Dolores, it won\’t affect the quest\’s outcome.

Witcher Wannabe

After completing the witcher contract \”The Merry Widow,\” wait for a few days to pass to find a new quest in Lindenvale. The Ealdorman will tell you about a fake witcher who was hitting on his daughter. Go to the graveyard west of the village and defeat the level 10 ghoul. Follow the trail to find the fake witcher, and choose whether to tell the peasants about him or make them force him to work in the village or even exile him. You will only receive 85 experience points regardless of your decision.


What is Crookbag Bog and how do I start the quest?

Crookbag Bog is a location in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt where you can find a side quest called \”Missing in Action\”. To start the quest, you need to talk to the peasants in the village of Lurtch. They will tell you about their missing friends who were last seen heading towards Crookbag Bog. Once you arrive at the bog, you will need to fight some drowners and then follow the trail of footprints to find the missing peasants. You will eventually come across a Nilfgaardian camp where you will need to choose whether to fight or negotiate with the soldiers. After completing the quest, you can return to the peasants in Lurtch to receive your reward.

What other side quests can I find in Crookbag Bog?

Aside from \”Missing in Action\”, there are two other side quests that can be found in Crookbag Bog: \”Phantom of the Trade Route\” and \”Spoontaneous Profits!\”. In \”Phantom of the Trade Route\”, you will need to investigate a haunted trade route and discover what is causing the strange occurrences. In \”Spoontaneous Profits!\”, you will need to help a merchant who has lost all of his spoons in the bog. Both of these quests can be started by speaking with the NPCs in Lurtch and following the objective markers on your map.

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