Guide for Beginners Playing My Time at Sandrock

This guide provides helpful tips for beginners embarking on their adventure in My Time at Sandrock.

Learn why it\’s important to keep your machines free of sand, how to rest at specific times, the importance of inventory capacity, and the benefits of manual saving.

  • Browse blueprints to construct machines
  • Save your game manually
  • Rest before midnight for bonuses
  • Manage your time wisely
  • Monitor your parts stock
  • Clean sand from your machines
  • Increase your inventory capacity
  • Activate research regularly
  • Build multiple crafting stations
  • Construct Fire Powered Generators
  • Complete commissions

Browse the Blueprints

Blueprints provide clear instructions for crafting machines and tools. As you progress, more complex components will be required, so revisit previously unlocked blueprints to ensure you have all the necessary parts.

Save the Game Manually

Manual saving allows you to backtrack and adjust your actions. Even with an auto-save system, mistakes happen. Choose any save slot and confirm to save. Quick save is also available by pressing the Tab key and selecting Quick Save from the menu.

Rest at Specific Times

Resting before midnight provides bonuses like increased experience and damage dealt. Failing to rest by 3:00 results in decreased Stamina Points and fewer actions. Both bonuses and penalties last until the end of the day.

Manage Your Time Wisely

Some tasks have a specific time limit, including side quests and Commissions. Only accept challenges you are confident in completing. Consider machine construction times when prioritizing tasks like gathering resources and completing quests.

Monitor Your Inventory of Parts

Ensuring that you have enough supplies is crucial for a successful playthrough of My Time at Sandrock. It is recommended that you always have a minimum of 5 of each ingredient, tool, and component on hand. If your inventory is too small, you can store supplies in chests for easy access to key parts when needed. This method will speed up the construction of more complex devices without using machines to produce smaller components.

Clean Your Machines of Sand

The machines in the game sometimes get covered in sand. It is advisable to check the machines every so often and remove any sand that is left behind. Since sand slows down part production, it is important to remove it. Use the Feather Duster item to clean off the sand. You can purchase the blueprint for this item from the Commerce Guild for 92 Gols.

Expand Your Inventory Capacity

My Time at Sandrock provides special chests for storing resources, but constantly going back and forth to put away excess items can be tedious. Consider spending Gols to increase the number of slots in your inventory. Click on the plus icon to gain a new item slot. The first slot costs 10 Gols, but each subsequent slot will cost more.

Keep Research Active

It takes 3 to 4 days to develop new diagrams at the Research Center, so it\’s important to keep Qi busy. There are a lot of blueprints to develop, and you may delay the task by not having the right diagram. As soon as a new blueprint arrives in your mailbox, go to the Research Center to commission research on the next one.

Create Multiple Crafting Stations

Many items require materials that can be crafted with a specific station. By having multiple crafting stations of the same type, you won\’t have to wait until the production of one material is finished before starting the next one. This is particularly useful in the later stages of the game when you have to craft many items at the same time.

Build a Fire Powered Generator

Almost every crafting station in your workshop requires fuel to operate. Providing fuel to each station can be time-consuming, so it\’s best to build a Fire Powered Generator as soon as possible to distribute fuel to the machines automatically. Instructions for building the generator can be found on the page: Fire Powered Generator – how to build?

Complete Commissions

Commissions are essential tasks in My Time at Sandrock. They are a great source of Gols and Reputation Points. Completing commissions will also earn you Relationship Points with the character for whom you are working. Always try to take on a commission, but choose wisely, as failing to fulfill the request can result in negative points.


1. What is \”My Time at Sandrock\”?

\”My Time at Sandrock\” is a farming simulation game developed by Pathea Games. It is a sequel to \”My Time at Portia\” and is set in a post-apocalyptic world where players take on the role of a builder and farmer in the town of Sandrock. The game offers a variety of activities such as farming, mining, fishing, crafting, and building relationships with the town\’s residents. Players can also explore the surrounding areas and uncover the secrets of the post-apocalyptic world.

2. What are some tips for beginners in \”My Time at Sandrock\”?

One tip for beginners is to focus on completing quests and building relationships with the town\’s residents. This will help players unlock new areas and items and progress in the game. Another tip is to prioritize upgrading tools and equipment to make farming and mining more efficient. Players should also take advantage of the day and night cycle and plan their activities accordingly. Finally, players should explore the surrounding areas and gather resources to expand their farm and craft new items.

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