GTA 5: Tips for Flying Airplanes and Helicopters

This guide for Grand Theft Auto V provides helpful advice on piloting various flying machines, including how to avoid crashing, execute aerial maneuvers, and store acquired aircraft. It\’s split into three sections: basic information on storing and using aircraft, flying with airplanes, and flying with helicopters.

  • Basic information on storing and using aircraft
  • Flying with airplanes
  • Flying with helicopters

Basic information on storing and using aircraft

Like cars and boats, flying machines need a designated place to be stored – airplanes require hangars, and helicopters need helipads. Trevor has one hangar, but the other two must be bought to start collecting airplanes. It\’s important to drive the plane inside the hangar to save it, as leaving it on the landing site won\’t work. You can buy or steal airplanes.

Since flying is difficult to master in GTA 5, it\’s wise to purchase a parachute from Ammu-Nation before taking off. Additionally, the airspace around government facilities like Fort Zancudo is closed, so flying low is necessary to avoid the military\’s radar. The Flight School is an excellent place to train and improve flying skills.

Flying with airplanes

For new players, flying an airplane can be challenging and may result in a few crashes before getting the hang of it. Acceleration and slowing down are controlled by the triggers, while the left analog stick determines the plane\’s position. The LB/RB/L1/R1 buttons turn the machine in a specific direction. To take off, increase speed on the airstrip, fly up, and retract the undercarriage (L3).

When flying, maintain a close position to the horizontal axis. Don\’t fly at maximum speed in the city center or near mountains, as you may need to quickly avoid obstacles like trees or skyscrapers.

Landing: The Other Half of Flying

Success in flying is not just about taking off, but also about landing safely. While it is technically possible to land on any flat surface, it is best to practice on an airstrip. To land properly, start by slowing down steadily a few hundred meters before the landing site. Keep the plane level and extend the undercarriage without hitting anything. Gradually lower the plane while simultaneously applying the brakes (you can release the throttle altogether) and touch the ground gently. If you are going too fast, the plane may bounce back into the air, and if it bounces too high, do not try to land again as it could result in a crash. Instead, take off and try again, but this time more slowly.

Flying with Helicopters

Using a helicopter is a completely different experience from flying a plane. In a helicopter, the triggers control altitude, and the left analog stick moves the helicopter in the desired direction. To turn left or right, use LB/RB/L1/R1. When it comes to landing, slowly lower the helicopter with LT/L2 until it is steady. Although helicopter steering is generally easier than with planes, it still requires some experience, so beginners may find it challenging. Additionally, if you are flying an armed helicopter, such as the Buzzard, you can use the X/square button to activate its weapons.


1. How do I obtain airplanes and helicopters in GTA 5?

To obtain airplanes and helicopters in GTA 5, you can either find them parked in specific locations around the map or purchase them from the in-game internet website or the Warstock Cache & Carry website. Once you have obtained an aircraft, you can access it by going to any airport or helipad marked on the map, or by calling the in-game characters who offer helicopter services.

2. How do I control airplanes and helicopters in GTA 5?

Controlling airplanes and helicopters in GTA 5 can be tricky, but with practice, it becomes easier. To control an airplane, use the left joystick to steer and the right joystick to control elevation. Use the triggers to control acceleration and braking. To control a helicopter, use the left joystick to move around and the right joystick to control altitude. Use the left trigger to descend and the right trigger to ascend. Be sure to practice flying in open areas to avoid crashing and damaging the aircraft.

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