GTA 5: The Vice Assassination – a guide to completing the mission

This guide provides a walkthrough for mission 44 – The Vice Assassination in GTA 5. It outlines how to prepare for the assassination and seize the perfect chance to eliminate the target.

  • General information about Mission 44 – The Vice Assassination
  • Full walkthrough for Mission 44 – The Vice Assassination
  • Rewards and challenges in Mission 44 – The Vice Assassination

General information about Mission 44 – The Vice Assassination

To unlock this mission, complete Main Mission 24 – The Multi Target Assassination. Afterwards, a new point near the Legion Square will appear, and you will have another phone call with Lester. Franklin is the playable character for this mission.

The Vice Assassination is another assassination mission given by Lester. The target, Jackson Skinner, has been charged with unauthorized selling of personal data. Eliminating Skinner should not be too difficult, and it is recommended to equip a suppressed sniper rifle, just like in previous assassination missions.

Full walkthrough for Mission 44 – The Vice Assassination

The mission starts at Legion Square in the central part of Los Santos. Approach the phone booth and answer Lester\’s call, who will explain the details of the mission. The objective is to murder Jackson Skinner. If you deal in stocks and bonds, buy the stocks of the Fruit company because they will profit the most from Skinner\’s death.

Drive to the La Puerta district in the southwest and stop near the prostitute\’s location Lester pointed out. Exit the car and climb a nearby hill. Use the sniper rifle from your inventory and wait for the car with Skinner and the prostitute to appear. Kill Skinner with a long-range shot (as shown in the screenshot) and leave the murder site quickly. Contact Lester to complete the mission.

Rewards and challenges in Mission 44 – The Vice Assassination

Rewards for completing the mission:

  1. 5000 dollars

Requirements for 100% completion:

  1. Clean Escape Bonus – Kill Skinner without alerting the police.


1. What is The Vice Assassination mission in GTA 5?

The Vice Assassination is a mission in GTA 5 where players must assassinate a corrupt construction company owner named Jackson Skinner. The mission is given by Lester Crest and is part of the game\’s main story mode. The objective is to kill Skinner before he can flee the construction site where he is located. This mission requires a careful approach as there are several guards and snipers patrolling the area.

2. What are some tips for completing The Vice Assassination mission?

Players should approach the construction site from the back, where the security is less intense. It is recommended to use a silenced weapon to take out the guards and snipers quietly. Additionally, players should be wary of Skinner\’s bodyguards, who are heavily armed and will attack the player if they get too close. It is important to take out these bodyguards before targeting Skinner himself. Lastly, players should be prepared to escape the construction site quickly after killing Skinner, as the police will arrive shortly after the assassination.

3. What rewards can players expect from completing The Vice Assassination mission?

Upon completing The Vice Assassination mission, players will receive a significant payout from Lester Crest. Additionally, completing this mission will unlock the next assassination mission in the game\’s story mode. Players can also expect their overall game progress to increase as they move closer to completing the main story mode of GTA 5.

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