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This page provides a step-by-step guide for mission 30 – Scouting the Port in Grand Theft Auto V. Our GTA 5 guide will assist you in reaching the port, carrying out all the necessary tasks as a port worker, and surveying the area.

  • General information for Mission 30 – Scouting the Port
  • Complete walkthrough for Mission 30 – Scouting the Port
  • Selecting the heist approach
  • Rewards and challenges in Mission 30 – Scouting the Port

General information for Mission 30 – Scouting the Port

How to unlock: To unlock this mission, you need to complete Main mission 22 (Fame or Shame). You can then visit Floyd\’s house in the Vespucci Beach district, which becomes Trevor\’s hideout after he reaches Los Santos.

Playable character: Trevor

Additional information: This mission is relatively long and serves as preparation for another major heist involving one of the cargos stored in the port. Trevor will be in charge of organizing this heist. You will have to perform numerous activities in the port, including operating a large crane. The final phase of the mission, similar to the Jewelry Store Job, involves deciding on the mode of action.

NOTE: Near the end of this mission, you will be given a choice of possible heist approaches for the valuable cargo in the port. This decision will impact both the heist and the preparatory mission. It is highly advised that you save your game before beginning this mission!

Complete walkthrough for Mission 30 – Scouting the Port

The port\’s entry gate

To initiate this mission, travel to Floyd\’s house in the Vespucci Beach district. After the cutscene, enter Trevor\’s car (Canis Bodhi), wait for the other two characters to join, and drive towards the port south of Los Santos. Stop at the entry gate, wait for clearance, and park in the spot indicated by Floyd.

Dock Handler

Wait for Wade to be assigned a \”special task\” and follow Floyd. After a brief period, you will have to execute the first activity while disguised as a port employee. You will need to move two containers to different locations. Get into the Dock Handler and drive to the container\’s location.

Stop at the first container and position the vehicle\’s crane directly above it. Lower the crane and press the appropriate button to pick up the container (as shown in the screenshot above).

The location where both containers must be delivered

Raise the crane and drive to the location where the container needs to be placed. While driving, attempt to avoid the environment\’s elements to prevent harm to the container. Lower the crane and release the container to deposit it in the designated location. You must do the same thing for the second container.

To reach the overhead crane near the freighter, exit the Handler and locate the ladder. Climb the ladder carefully and take heed of the port employee\’s instructions. Upon reaching the top, enter the operator\’s cabin to take control of the crane.

Transporting two containers with this crane is more complicated, use the right analog stick to move the structure and the left analog stick to control the crane. Direct the crane over the first container and grab it.

Lift the container and move the carriage to the right until the crane is over the truck\’s trailer. Keep the container hovering over the trailer and release it. Repeat with the second container.

Exit the cabin and jump over the balustrade, carefully. Head to the catwalk\’s end and take three pictures using the phone\’s camera (Snapmatic). Send the photos to Ron after taking them.

Get into one of the trucks and drive to the dock to park in the designated area. Avoid running over the port employees or alarming the crew.

Choosing the heist approach

Return to Floyd\’s house to plan the heist. Two variants are available, attacking the freighter (A – Freighter) or the airport (B – Offshore). Both options have different preparatory missions and unique heist courses. The decision is yours to make.

Rewards and Challenges in Mission 30 – Scouting the Port

The attack on the cargo ship requires obtaining the goods that are aboard. Prior to this, there is a preparatory mission called Small Sub, which involves stealing a small submarine. On the other hand, the Offshore attack necessitates getting the cargo near the shore. This approach takes longer preparation time as two preparatory missions, Small Sub and Cargobob (which involves stealing a military cargo helicopter), are required. Additionally, Michael needs to enhance his flying skills.

Completing the mission does not result in a reward. However, to achieve a 100% completion rate, you need to meet specific requirements:

  1. Mission Time – Finish the mission within 20 minutes, taking care not to stop for too long. After completion, you should still have some spare minutes.
  2. Employee of the Month – Avoid damaging any of the containers you carry while using the Hauler and crane.
  3. Perfect Surveillance – Take pictures of the freighter without any mistakes.
  4. An Honest Day\’s Work – Do not raise suspicion from the port\’s crew. Follow instructions carefully, and avoid running over anyone.


1. What is the objective of the \”Scouting the Port\” mission in GTA 5?

The objective of the \”Scouting the Port\” mission in GTA 5 is to gather information about a ship that is arriving at the Port of Los Santos. The player is tasked with finding a vantage point and taking pictures of the ship, as well as any other relevant information that can be used to plan a heist. The mission is a prerequisite for the \”The Merryweather Heist\” mission, which is a major plot point in the game.

2. What are some tips for completing the \”Scouting the Port\” mission in GTA 5?

One helpful tip for completing the \”Scouting the Port\” mission in GTA 5 is to use a helicopter to get to the vantage point. This can save time and make it easier to get a clear view of the ship. It is also important to be patient and take your time when taking pictures, as the player must take pictures of specific parts of the ship to complete the mission. It is also recommended to bring a sniper rifle to take out any enemies that may be guarding the port.

3. What happens if the player fails the \”Scouting the Port\” mission in GTA 5?

If the player fails the \”Scouting the Port\” mission in GTA 5, they will be forced to restart from the beginning of the mission. This can be frustrating, especially if the player had already taken pictures of the ship and was close to completing the mission. However, there are no major consequences for failing the mission, and the player can simply try again until they succeed.

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