GTA 5: Playable Characters Skills and Abilities

This guide is all about developing the main skill types of the playable characters in Grand Theft Auto V. It includes tips on how to improve them and exclusive elements of each character.

In the character selection window, you can find the statistics of each character. You can upgrade a character\’s skills by performing certain actions repeatedly. But remember, you can only improve the skills of the character you are currently playing as.

Special is a unique ability of each character. It determines how long you can use your special ability. The more you use it, the faster it develops and the longer it lasts. Special ability is different for each character:

  1. Franklin – no-collision driving, very fast, especially upstream
  2. Michael – quick driving, hidden assassinations, headshots
  3. Trevor – quick driving, receiving and dealing damage, headshots

Stamina lets you run, swim, and ride a bike for a longer duration. You can increase it by performing any of those activities.

Shooting skill decreases recoil, increases clip size, and speeds up reloading. It can be improved by firing at enemies and completing challenges on the shooting range.

Strength determines the damage dealt in melee, tennis, and golf skills. It also reduces damage received from explosions, falls, and knocks down by the car. Increased by melee fighting, golf, and tennis.

Stealth increases your speed while sneaking and decreases the noise produced. It can be improved by eliminating enemies and moving stealthily. To switch into stealth mode, press L3.

Flying skill upgrades the agility of the plane and reduces the wind effect. It can be improved by flying and attending the flight school.

Driving skill upgrades agility during big jumps and one-wheel rides. You can train it by landing with cars on all fours and one-wheel rides.

Lung Capacity determines how long your character can stay underwater. It can be upgraded by diving.


What are the specialities of each character in GTA 5?

In GTA 5, each character has their own unique speciality that sets them apart from the others. Franklin has the ability to slow down time while driving, allowing for more precise maneuvers and easier escapes. Michael gains a boost in accuracy while using a weapon, making it easier to take out enemies. Trevor enters a state of rage, dealing and taking more damage while also having unlimited special ability meter. It\’s important to utilize each character\’s speciality in different situations to maximize their effectiveness.

What exclusive elements are available for each character\’s skill tree in GTA 5?

Each character in GTA 5 has their own skill tree, which allows them to improve in certain areas such as driving, shooting, and stamina. However, there are also exclusive elements that are only available to certain characters. Franklin has the ability to improve his driving skills faster than the others, as well as the ability to regenerate health while driving. Michael has the option to improve his special ability meter, allowing him to use it more frequently. Trevor has the ability to improve his melee combat skills, as well as the option to unlock a special melee weapon. It\’s important to invest in each character\’s skill tree to improve their overall abilities and unlock these exclusive elements.

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