GTA 5: Mission Types and Order of Completion

This guide provides an overview of the various mission types available in Grand Theft Auto V and their objectives. It also includes information on whether completing them is necessary for the game\’s main plot.

  • Storyline missions
  • Strangers and freaks
  • Random events
  • Property missions

Storyline missions

The main missions in GTA 5 are listed in the order they are unlocked by the game. However, they can be completed in any order. The assassination missions given by Lester can be left for later, after the last big heist, when you have enough money to buy all available estates. It\’s impossible to complete all the missions in one sitting, as many are tied to specific heist variants. It\’s recommended to save the game before preparing for each major heist to check out all missions and select the most profitable heist variant.

Strangers and freaks

Missions from strangers and freaks become available as you progress in the game. Check the map frequently to discover the locations where they are supposed to appear. The next mission from a person becomes available after the previous one is completed, and sometimes requires waiting for several hours or days. Most side missions can be repeated from the pause menu, except those that only involve listening to a person.

Random events

Random events start appearing in specific locations during the game and can be encountered at any time. If an event doesn\’t appear, revisit the location later in the game to increase the chances of it reappearing.

Random events

In contrast to main missions and stranger and freaks missions, random events cannot be replayed from the pause menu. However, it\’s important to note that if you complete an event successfully, it won\’t repeat. Some events, such as attacks on marijuana plantations and ATMs, follow a cyclical pattern and repeat regularly.

Property missions

Property missions are unlocked once you purchase the corresponding estates. Most of these missions are random and can be triggered at any time during the game through a phone call or message. Keep in mind that you must be playing as the correct protagonist to receive missions related to their owned estates. For example, Michael receives missions from his estates\’ managers, while Franklin and Trevor\’s estates remain inactive.


What is the best order to complete missions in GTA 5?

The best order to complete missions in GTA 5 depends on your personal preferences and play style. Some players prefer to complete the main story missions first, while others like to do side missions and explore the open world before tackling the main story. One popular strategy is to complete the first few missions of the main story to unlock all three playable characters, then switch between them to complete side missions and explore the map.

How do I unlock new missions in GTA 5?

To unlock new missions in GTA 5, you must progress through the game\’s storyline. Completing main story missions will unlock new characters, locations, and missions. You can also unlock side missions by exploring the map and interacting with various characters and objects. Some missions may require you to have a certain amount of money or a specific vehicle, so make sure to save up and keep an eye out for opportunities to acquire new vehicles and weapons. Additionally, some missions may only be available at certain times of day or under certain weather conditions, so pay attention to the in-game clock and weather forecasts.

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