GTA 5: Minisub – Step-by-Step Mission Guide

This is a complete guide to help you complete mission 31 – Minisub in Grand Theft Auto V. Here, we\’ll tell you where to find the minisub, how to steal it, and where to hide it.

  • Mission 31 – Minisub General Information
  • Mission 31 – Minisub Full Walkthrough
  • Rewards and Challenges in Mission 31 – Minisub

Mission 31 – Minisub General Information

Way to Unlock: You need to complete Main mission 30 (Scouting the Port) and wait for a text from Wade. This will reveal the Hs marker on the world map where you can find the sub.

Playable Characters: Trevor

Additional Information: This mission has two variants, both involving either attacking the freighter or attacking offshore. Stealing the sub is easy, but take the opportunity to learn its controls while hauling it from the water. We recommend taking a suppressed sniper rifle along.

Mission 31 – Minisub Full Walkthrough

The sub is located in the docks in the South-Eastern part of Los Santos, attached to a large ship. Get out of your car and stop in the spot shown in the screenshot to have a clear view of the sub.

Use the sniper rifle to target one line after another until you hit all four of them. The sub will detach from the vessel, allowing you to jump into the water and swim up to it. Get onboard the submersible.

Your destination is the yellow underwater circle. Learn how to control the sub and stay above the bottom to avoid obstacles that can prolong the mission. After you approach the destination, you\’ll see a yellow circle where you\’ll need to deliver the boat.

Wait for the sub to be transported onto the truck bed, get into the truck, and drive towards the warehouse to the West of the port you visited in the previous mission. Stop the truck in the marked area to conclude the mission.

Rewards and Challenges in Mission 31 – Minisub

Rewards: None

Requirements for Completion in 100%:

  1. Mission Time – Complete the mission within 8 minutes and 30 seconds. Avoid bumping into obstacles while onboard the sub.
  2. No Boarding – Steal the sub without coming aboard the vessel it\’s attached to by following the above steps.


What is the Minisub mission in GTA 5?

The Minisub mission in GTA 5 is a heist setup mission where players have to steal a submarine and use it to retrieve a device from the ocean floor. This mission is a part of the main storyline and is a prerequisite for the Submarine Parts mission. The mission is available to players after completing the Paleto Score setup mission.

What are the requirements for the Minisub mission?

Players need to have completed the Paleto Score setup mission to be able to access the Minisub mission. Additionally, players need to have a submarine to complete this mission. The submarine can be purchased from DockTease and costs $2,200,000. Players also need to have completed the Sonar Collections Dock mission to access the special ability of the submarine.

How can players complete the Minisub mission in GTA 5?

To complete the Minisub mission in GTA 5, players need to first steal the submarine from a military base using a helicopter or a boat. Once they have the submarine, they need to use it to navigate through the ocean and reach the location where the device is located. Players need to use the submarine\’s sonar ability to locate the device and then use the mini-sub to retrieve it from the ocean floor. Once the device is retrieved, players need to deliver it to the designated location to complete the mission successfully.

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