GTA 5: Gauntlet, Rockford Hills – step-by-step mission guide

This is a guide to complete Mission 77 – Gauntlet: Rockford Hills in Grand Theft Auto V. It includes details on where to find the vehicle in the Rockford Hills district, how to steal it, and bring it to the workshop.

  • General information for Mission 77 – Gauntlet – Rockford Hills
  • Full walkthrough for Mission 77 – Gauntlet – Rockford Hills
  • Rewards and challenges for Mission 77 – Gauntlet – Rockford Hills

General information for Mission 77 – Gauntlet – Rockford Hills

Unlocking the mission requires completing the main mission 74 (The Big Score) and selecting the Subtle variant. After receiving an email from Lester, you can find the car in the Rockford Hills district.

Playable character: Michael

Additional information: You need to steal three cars, all with similar theft methods. After acquiring a car, you must take it to the garage for necessary modifications before bringing it to the hideout.

Full Walkthrough for Mission 77 – Gauntlet – Rockford Hills

Don\’t worry if the exact location isn\’t displayed on the world map. The email from Lester includes two pictures – one showing the car and the other specifying the area on the map. The Bravado Gauntlet is parked at the small parking lot in front of the CaCa store in the Pillbox Hill district. Check the above screenshots for the exact location.

The basic modifications cost 11 thousand dollars

Get into the car and drive it to the Los Santos Customs garage near the airport. Avoid hitting anything to prevent further costs. Buy the necessary modifications costing 11 thousand dollars and, if possible, invest in two additional upgrades – Armor for 5 thousand dollars and bulletproof tires for 4 thousand dollars. Drive the modified car to the hideout and park it in the garage.

Rewards and Challenges for Mission 77 – Gauntlet – Rockford Hills

There are no rewards for completing the mission. Requirements for 100% completion:

  1. Mapped – Find the car from Lester\’s email.
  2. Not a Scratch – Don\’t damage the stolen car.
  3. Pimped Out – Spend a total of 17 thousand dollars on car modifications. Investing in the two optional modifications is recommended.


1. What is the Gauntlet mission in GTA 5?

The Gauntlet mission in GTA 5 is a heist setup mission where the player is tasked with stealing three modified sports cars known as the \”Gauntlets\”. These cars are located in different places around the city and the player must use their skills to steal them without getting caught. Once all three cars are obtained, the player must deliver them to the mission location to complete the objective.

2. How do I find the Gauntlet cars in Rockford Hills?

The first Gauntlet car can be found parked on the side of the road in Rockford Hills, near the Los Santos Customs shop. The second car is located in the parking lot of the Lifeinvader building in Rockford Hills. The third car is parked in a garage on Eastbourne Way, also in Rockford Hills. You can use the in-game map to find the exact locations of each car.

3. What are some tips for completing the Gauntlet mission?

Some tips for completing the Gauntlet mission in GTA 5 include using a fast vehicle to escape from the police, avoiding any unnecessary damage to the cars during the theft, and taking out any enemies that may pose a threat during the mission. It\’s also important to plan your route carefully, as the mission can be quite challenging and there are many obstacles that can get in your way. Finally, be sure to use the Franklin ability to slow down time while driving, as this can be very helpful in avoiding crashes and other hazards.

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