GTA 5: Friends Reunited – step-by-step mission guide

This is a guide for the 21st mission – Friends Reunited, in GTA 5. Our walkthrough will help you infiltrate the trailers park, show you where to plant the bombs, and how to take down all the enemies in the area.

  • General information for Mission 21 – Friends Reunited
  • Full walkthrough for Mission 21 – Friends Reunited
  • Rewards and challenges for Mission 21 – Friends Reunited

General information for Mission 21 – Friends Reunited

How to unlock: You must complete the main mission 20 (Crystal Maze) first. After a while, a new mark will appear at Trevor\’s trailer, indicating a new mission (represented by the T letter on the map).

Playable character: Trevor

Additional information: In the beginning, you\’ll need to sneak and avoid detection, but this time, you can use any weapon with a silencer, not just a sniper rifle. The second part of the mission involves a long drive to Los Santos, with amusing conversations between Trevor and Wade.

Full walkthrough for Mission 21 – Friends Reunited

When you arrive at Trevor\’s trailer, you\’ll meet Wade. After a cut scene, get into the car (Canis Bodhi) and drive west to the Trailer Park. Once you\’re there, your objective is to plant five explosives on the targeted trailers. Remember to use a silenced weapon while sneaking around.

As you move through the park, you\’ll encounter members of The Lost MC gang. Eliminate them all by attacking from behind or using a silenced gun. Avoid direct shootouts as it will attract more enemies from the trailers, making it impossible to achieve 100% completion. Start by eliminating the person working on one of the cars.

Be cautious and take your time as you progress through the park to avoid sudden detection. If you wait long enough, two motorcyclists will leave the park. Be careful around the pickup truck (as shown in the screenshot above), as there is a barely visible enemy nearby. Quickly eliminate enemies that are grouped together, or they may trigger an alarm.

Once the area is cleared, aim at the trailers and plant the bombs. Select Sticky Bombs from your inventory and throw them at the marked trailers. After that, retreat to your starting point and detonate them to avoid being surrounded by new motorcyclists. Take out any remaining enemies who may run out of the remaining trailers.

Return to Wade and embark on a long journey to Los Santos, with a stop to admire the stunning city panorama. Your destination is Vespucci Beach, near the beach and pier, where Wade\’s cousin Ralph\’s apartment is located.

Rewards and challenges for Mission 21 – Friends Reunited

Reward for completing this mission:

Floyd\’s apartment and activities have been unlocked, as well as his garage. Access to other playable characters, Franklin and Michael, has also been unlocked. Additionally, the aviation school is now available, but you must wait for an SMS from Ron to access it. To achieve 100% mission completion, you must perform 5 headshots, avoid detection until detonating explosives on trailers, finish the mission without major damage, and destroy all trailers at once by detonating explosives when all five are planted.


What is the Friends Reunited mission in GTA 5?

The Friends Reunited mission in GTA 5 is a part of the main storyline. In this mission, Michael and Trevor must rescue their friend, Brad, from a prison transport bus. The mission takes place in Blaine County, and the player must use a variety of tactics to stop the bus and free Brad. The mission is full of action and requires players to use their driving and shooting skills to complete it successfully. The Friends Reunited mission is an important part of the game, as it sets up the events that will unfold later in the story.

What are some tips for completing the Friends Reunited mission in GTA 5?

There are several tips that can help players successfully complete the Friends Reunited mission in GTA 5. First, it\’s important to use a fast car to chase down the prison transport bus. Players should also bring plenty of ammunition and weapons, as there will be a lot of shooting involved. It\’s also a good idea to take out the guards on the bus before attempting to rescue Brad. This will make the rescue easier and less dangerous. Finally, players should be prepared to face a lot of enemies during this mission, so it\’s important to stay alert and take cover when necessary. By using these tips and staying focused, players can successfully complete the Friends Reunited mission in GTA 5.

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