GTA 5: Father/Son Mission Walkthrough

This is a guide and walkthrough for mission 6 – Father/Son in Grand Theft Auto V. Our guide will help you chase the truck with the stolen yacht and use a car shop for the first time.

  • Mission 6 – Father/Son General Information
  • Mission 6 – Father/Son Full Walkthrough
  • Rewards and Challenges in Mission 6 – Father/Son

Mission 6 – Father/Son General Information

To unlock this mission, you need to complete Main mission 5 (Complications) and go to Michael\’s house (letter M on the world map).

Playable characters are Franklin and Michael.

You will get familiar with Michael and his family members in this mission. You will also learn how to use the car garage system that will allow you to fix, repaint, and tune your vehicles.

Mission 6 – Father/Son Full Walkthrough

To start this mission, go to Michael\’s estate in Rockford Hills. You can reach villa both as Franklin and Michael, but it is recommended to reach the mission\’s starting point as Michael. His son Jimmy will call and inform him that the family yacht has been stolen, and he is onboard of the boat that is being transported on land. Exit the villa and get onto Amanda\’s car (Ubermacht Sentinel). Wait for Franklin to join you and drive to Pacific Bluffs, a district neighboring the western motorway. After you near the point marked by the game, you should notice the truck with the stolen yacht.

You need to get close enough to the truck, for Franklin to jump onto the trailer. Follow the truck and try to avoid bumping into other cars while driving. Your task is to near the truck in such a way, as to enable Franklin to jump onto it and mount the yacht. Be careful while preparing for the jump by Franklin, as you cannot perform any abrupt movements with the steering wheel.

You can switch to the \”movie camera\” and watch over your companion\’s actions. You need to be ready to save Franklin\’s life by shooting on the head the opponent that Franklin is struggling with.

Soon, you will face another crucial moment where you have to rescue Jimmy. When Michael\’s son hangs over the highway, swiftly drive under the yacht\’s mast to catch Jimmy in your car (see the screenshot). Note that this action must be completed quickly to achieve a 100% mission completion. Then, follow the truck and let Franklin take another jump.

The Car Garage

After the unsuccessful attempt to retrieve the stolen yacht, Michael\’s car will fail. Follow Franklin\’s suggestion and head towards the Los Santos Customs car garage located in the Western part of the city (near the airport). Once you reach the designated area, park your car in the circle marked by the game and watch the cutscene.

Repairing Amanda\’s Car is Mandatory

The game will switch to Franklin, and you will play him until the mission ends. Drive up to the garage door, and to complete this part of the mission, choose the car repair option (which is free), or you can customize your car if you have enough money. After repairing the car, take Jimmy back home, and drive carefully to avoid damaging the car.

Rewards and Challenges in Mission 6 – Father/Son

Rewards for completing the mission:

  1. Addition of Michael and Jimmy to Franklin\’s personal contact list
  2. Unlocked Michael\’s house and activities associated with it
  3. Unlocked Michael\’s car (Obey Tailgater)
  4. Unlocked the garage next to Michael\’s house
  5. Unlocked car garages in the world map

Requirements for 100% mission completion:

  1. Quick Catch – Save Jimmy within 10 seconds while chasing the truck with the yacht. Drive under the mast only after seeing Jimmy hanging above the road.
  2. Not a Scratch – Avoid damaging Amanda\’s car after repairing it in the car garage.


1. What is the Father/Son mission in GTA 5?

The Father/Son mission is a main storyline mission in Grand Theft Auto V. It is the fifth mission in the game and is triggered by the character Michael De Santa.

2. What is the objective of the Father/Son mission?

The objective of the Father/Son mission is for Michael to rescue his son, Jimmy, who has been kidnapped by a gang of thugs. Michael must navigate through an abandoned factory, fight off the gang members, and eventually rescue his son.

3. What challenges can players expect in the Father/Son mission?

Players can expect a variety of challenges in the Father/Son mission. The abandoned factory is filled with obstacles, including broken staircases and dangerous machinery. Additionally, the gang members are heavily armed and can be difficult to defeat.

4. Are there any tips for successfully completing the Father/Son mission?

Players should take their time and carefully navigate through the factory. It is important to clear out the gang members before trying to rescue Jimmy. Players should also make use of cover and use strategic attacks to defeat the enemies. It is also recommended to bring plenty of ammunition and health packs.

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