GTA 5: Derailed – guide for completing the mission

A detailed guide on how to complete mission 55 in GTA 5

This part of the GTA 5 guide provides a walkthrough for mission 55 – Derailed. The guide explains how to jump on the train, derail it, and swim down the river.

  • Mission 55 – Derailed overview
  • Complete walkthrough for mission 55 – Derailed
  • Rewards and challenges in mission 55 – Derailed

Mission 55 – Derailed overview

Unlocking the mission: You must complete Main mission 54 (Paleto Score) to unlock this mission. You can then visit Trevor\’s trailer (letter T on the world map).

Playable characters: Trevor, Michael

Additional information: This mission is full of action and requires you to obtain cargo from a train. You will need to jump on the speeding train, derail it, and fight off mercenaries to find the cargo. You do not need to prepare for this mission, but it\’s recommended to make sure Trevor has a sniper rifle and a good automatic weapon.

Complete walkthrough for mission 55 – Derailed

Jumping onto the train from an elevation

After the cutscene in the trailer, you will take control of Trevor. Get on the Maibatsu Sanchez motorbike and head towards the railway to the North-West. Follow the train and look for an opportunity to jump onto one of the elevations on the right.

Performing a risky jump onto the train

You need to perform a risky maneuver to jump onto one of the railway cars. You need to hit the ramp at the end of the elevation at the right angle and speed to land on the car. If you fail, you can try again at one of the elevations ahead, but you won\’t be able to complete the mission with 100% completion.

Carefully riding along the train cars towards the engine

After a successful landing, ride carefully along the train cars towards the rail engine, where a cutscene will play. You will have to operate the train, but you don\’t need to perform any special actions. Don\’t try to stop the train, as the mission requires it to crash into another train.

Detonating the sticky bomb on the yellow car

Once you switch to Michael, take the Nagasaki Dinghy boat and head towards the more distant of the two bridges you can see. Watch the breathtaking cutscene of the train collision and steer the boat towards the yellow car shown in the screenshot. Select the sticky bomb from your inventory and attach it to the car. Steer away from the car and detonate the bomb.

Utilize Trevor\’s fury mode for assistance

Once Trevor takes over, your objective is to cover Michael while he investigates the car. Take cover behind the fallen tree and eliminate the approaching boats from the right. Alternatively, use Trevor\’s special skill, the fury mode, to eliminate the mercenaries swiftly.

Use thermovision to locate enemies

Enemy choppers pose a significant threat, and targeting the pilot can cause the helicopter to crash. Watch out for enemy sharpshooters on the bridge and use the sniper rifle and thermovision mode to locate and eliminate them. Take down another chopper and target the enemy paratroopers before they land on the nearby hill.

Control the boat when playing as Michael

After Michael finds the cargo, wait for him to swim up to Trevor and get out of the water. The last part of the mission involves escaping from the mercenaries down the river. If you play as Michael, focus on avoiding obstacles and rocks.

Eliminate the Merryweather mercenaries when playing as Trevor

Playing as Trevor allows you to dispose of the chasing mercenaries faster. Take down enemy boats, vehicles, and helicopters as quickly as possible. Once the chase ends, switch back to Michael and head towards the river bank where two vehicles are parked.

Rewards and challenges in mission 55 – Derailed

Completion Rewards: None

100% Completion Requirements:

  1. Mission Time – Complete the mission within 11 minutes and 30 seconds. Eliminate the enemies on the bridge as quickly as possible.
  2. Fastest Speed – Reach the top speed while riding the Sanchez bike. Several straight fragments of the road make this achievable before jumping onto the train.
  3. Better than CJ – Jump onto the train on your first attempt.


1. What is the objective of the Derailed mission in GTA 5?

The objective of the Derailed mission in GTA 5 is to steal a freight train loaded with weapons from a group of mercenaries. The player takes on the role of Trevor and must work with Michael and Franklin to carry out the heist. The mission involves driving to the train, taking out the guards, and then driving the train to a location where it can be unloaded. The player must also deal with police and military forces who are alerted to the heist and attempt to stop them.

2. What are the challenges that players may encounter during the Derailed mission?

Players may encounter several challenges during the Derailed mission in GTA 5. The first challenge is getting to the train without being detected by the guards. Once the guards are taken out, the player must navigate the train and avoid obstacles such as other trains and bridges. The player must also deal with police and military forces who are alerted to the heist and attempt to stop the player. Finally, the player must unload the weapons from the train and escape the area without being caught.

3. What are some tips for successfully completing the Derailed mission in GTA 5?

Some tips for successfully completing the Derailed mission in GTA 5 include using stealth to take out the guards without being detected, using cover to avoid getting shot, and using the right weapons and vehicles for the job. The player should also be prepared to deal with police and military forces and should have a plan for unloading the weapons from the train and escaping the area. It may also be helpful to play the mission multiple times to learn the layout of the train and the best route to take.

4. What happens after the Derailed mission in GTA 5?

After completing the Derailed mission in GTA 5, the player is rewarded with a large amount of money and the ability to purchase heavy weapons from Ammu-Nation. The player can also continue to explore the game world and complete other missions and activities. The Derailed mission is just one of many heists that the player can carry out in GTA 5, and completing it successfully unlocks new opportunities for the player to earn money and gain experience in the game.

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