GTA 5: Deep Inside – Guide for Completing the Mission

This is a guide for completing mission 48 – Deep Inside in GTA 5. It includes tips on how to sneak into the movie set, knock down the actor, steal the car, and escape.

  • General information about the mission
  • Full walkthrough for the mission
  • Rewards and challenges in the mission

General Information about Mission 48 – Deep Inside

To unlock this mission, you need to complete Main mission 47 (Caida Libre). The movie set is located in the Richards Majestic district (letter D on the world map).

The playable character for this mission is Franklin.

In the first part of the mission, you need to sneak into the movie set and knock down one of the actors. The second part of the mission involves stealing a rare car model and delivering it to the garage, which is a more difficult task.

Full Walkthrough for Mission 48 – Deep Inside

Start the mission near the movie set in the Richards Majestic district, but do not enter through the main gate. Instead, stop next to the black side-gate and wait for a phone call from Molly.

Sneak up to one of the actors from behind and knock him down. Franklin will drag his body away and put on his tuxedo.

Get into the car (Dewbauchee JB 700) and drive towards the exit from the movie set. Bump into the actor you knocked down earlier to complete the mission in 100%.

When two security cars join in, drive in the middle of the road to reduce the risk of a serious crash. Use the spikes to eliminate one security car at a time.

Activate the catapult to get rid of the stowaway. Take the car back to the garage to complete the mission.

Benefits and Difficulties of Completing Mission 48 – Deep Inside

There are no rewards for finishing this mission.

In order to complete the mission with 100% success, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Not a Scratch – You must avoid causing significant damage to the stolen car. Quickly leave the movie set to avoid being shot by security guards. Use spikes to get rid of pursuing vehicles and prevent the stowaway from causing you to collide with other cars or objects in the environment.
  2. Fastest Speed – You need to reach the maximum speed with the stolen car. It is best to do this when heading back to the garage through a highway. There is no time limit for this mission, so take your time.
  3. Stealthy Recasting – Knock down the actor on the movie set without setting off an alarm.
  4. Premature Ejector – Within 10 seconds of the function becoming available, you must catapult the passenger.
  5. Second Strike – While escaping from the movie set, bump into the actor that you previously knocked down.


What is the Deep Inside mission in GTA 5?

The Deep Inside mission in GTA 5 is a story mission that can be played once the player has completed the Mr. Philips mission. In this mission, the player takes control of Franklin, who is tasked with helping his friend and aspiring rapper, Lamar, to recover some stolen drugs. This mission involves a lot of driving, fighting, and shooting as the player navigates through enemy territory to retrieve the drugs. The player must also use their hacking skills to disable some security systems in a building, making this mission a mix of action and stealth.

How can I complete the Deep Inside mission in GTA 5?

To complete the Deep Inside mission in GTA 5, the player must follow the mission objectives that are given to them. This includes driving to various locations, fighting off enemies, and hacking security systems. The player should remember to take cover during gunfights and use their special abilities when necessary. It is also important for the player to be quick and efficient during the mission as there is a time limit for completing some objectives. The player should also be careful not to damage the drugs they are trying to recover, as this could result in mission failure. With careful planning and execution, the player can successfully complete the Deep Inside mission in GTA 5.

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