GreedFall: Warrior Technician – character build

Guide and walkthrough for GreedFall.

If you enjoy hand-to-hand or melee combat and value intelligence, we have the perfect character build for you. In GreedFall, you can create a powerful warrior who can wield one-handed and two-handed blades, throw traps and grenades, and excel in combat.

  • What talents should you focus on?
  • What attributes are important?
  • Which skills should you develop?
  • How should you fight with this character build?

What Talents Should You Focus On?

Craftsmanship is a crucial talent to focus on as it allows you to create and enhance weapons, enabling you to develop all available weapons in the game.

What Attributes Are Important?

Endurance is a valuable attribute for a warrior that boosts health and balance. This allows your character to withstand more attacks and enemy strikes.

Agility is another critical attribute that helps in fights and accelerates fury restoration.

Strength increases your ability to destroy armor, speeds up fury regeneration, and helps in knocking enemies off balance.

Which Skills Should You Develop?

  1. One-handed blades – enables the use of one-handed weapons: attack, kick, and furious attack.
  2. Devastating Kick – kicks an opponent and destroys their armor.
  3. Long blades – enables the use of two-handed blades: chopping attack, kick, and furious attack.
  4. Bomb – allows you to throw a bomb.
  5. Toxic Bomb – sends a bomb that poisons enemies.
  6. Set Trap – allows you to use alchemical mixtures that explode on contact with an opponent.
  7. Fast Trap – enables you to place traps during a fight (after evading).
  8. Phial Throw – throwing a flask works like a grenade/bomb and explodes on contact with an opponent.

How Should You Fight With This Character Build?

This is a build that requires a lot of time spent on development, but it yields a nearly invincible character. Your goal is to attack enemies and kill/weaken them with bombs and potions. This significantly increases your character\’s strength.


What is the Warrior Technician build in GreedFall?

The Warrior Technician build in GreedFall is a character build that focuses on both combat and technical skills. This build is designed for players who want to be able to dominate in battles while also having the ability to craft their own weapons and armor. This build is ideal for players who want to be able to take on any challenge that comes their way. The Warrior Technician build combines the strength and combat skills of a warrior with the technical skills of a technician, making it one of the most versatile character builds in the game.

What are the key skills for the Warrior Technician build?

The key skills for the Warrior Technician build in GreedFall are strength, agility, and crafting. Strength is important for dealing damage in combat, while agility is important for dodging attacks and moving quickly. Crafting is essential for creating your own weapons and armor, which can give you a significant advantage in battles. Other important skills for this build include lockpicking, science, and intuition, which will help you to explore the game world and uncover hidden secrets.

What are the best weapons and armor for the Warrior Technician build?

The best weapons for the Warrior Technician build in GreedFall are those that can be crafted, such as the War Hammer and the Flintlock Pistol. These weapons have high damage output and can be customized to suit your playstyle. In terms of armor, the best option is the Leather Armor set, which provides good protection while also allowing for agility and mobility. As you progress through the game, you\’ll also be able to find and craft more powerful weapons and armor that will further enhance your build.

What are some tips for playing the Warrior Technician build?

Some tips for playing the Warrior Technician build in GreedFall include focusing on crafting early on, as this will allow you to create powerful weapons and armor. You should also invest in skills like lockpicking and science, as these will help you to uncover hidden areas and unlock valuable loot. In combat, focus on using your strength and agility to deal damage while also dodging attacks. Don\’t be afraid to experiment with different weapons and armor to find the combination that works best for you.

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