GreedFall Walkthrough: Where Madness Leads

This GreedFall guide provides a walkthrough for the Footsteps of Madness quest, one of the game\’s main quests.

Once you have relieved Hikmet and San Matheus, return to Constantin and discuss the situation with him. However, he will behave strangely and then disappear. Ask the guard where he went and search his office. Then, travel to Cwenvar and inquire with the local natives about Constantin\’s whereabouts.

Find a safe location and wait for the main character\’s cousin to arrive. Follow him down and defeat the beast before watching a cutscene. It is revealed that Constantin is behind the island\’s attacks!

Battle a deadly Nadaiga mageman with a spear. The creature is incredibly strong, so be cautious and focus on evasion. After grinding it down, watch a cutscene and complete the mission. You will receive 2000 XP and begin the Break Ties and Together for Teer Fradee quests. However, your relationship with the Congregation of Merchants will become hostile.


What is GreedFall: Where Madness Goes?

GreedFall: Where Madness Goes is the latest expansion to the popular RPG game GreedFall. It takes place after the events of the main game, where players continue their journey as De Sardet, a noble of the Congregation of Merchants. In this expansion, players will discover a new land called the Isle of Madness, where they will encounter new factions, enemies, and allies. The expansion also introduces new weapons, armor, and skills, along with a new storyline to follow.

How do I start playing GreedFall: Where Madness Goes?

To start playing GreedFall: Where Madness Goes, you must first have the base game GreedFall installed on your platform. Once you have the base game installed, you can purchase the expansion through your platform\’s digital store or by purchasing a physical copy. Once you have the expansion installed, you can start a new game or continue your previous save file to begin playing the Isle of Madness storyline.

What new features does GreedFall: Where Madness Goes offer?

GreedFall: Where Madness Goes offers several new features, including a new land to explore, new factions and enemies to encounter, and new weapons, armor, and skills to acquire. The expansion also adds a new storyline to follow, which delves deeper into the history and lore of the GreedFall universe. Additionally, the expansion introduces new gameplay mechanics, such as the ability to craft your own potions using alchemy, and new side quests to complete for additional rewards.

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