GreedFall: Thelemes Spy – Guide

This is a guide for the side mission Theleme\’s Spy in GreedFall.

The following section will provide a step-by-step walkthrough for completing Theleme\’s Spy quest.

Where to begin? After completing the mission Mrs. Admiral\’s Intelligence.

Start by exploring the port of San-Matheus. Inquire about Alba and you will be directed to her father at the tavern. He only visits at night. Speak to a man about Alba, and you will be tasked with finding a spy named Ordo Luminis.

Head to Wenshaganaw, \”Singing Waters,\” and eavesdrop on the men. Then talk to Johannes – you can bribe him with 200 gold or try to persuade him with charisma. Finally, free the captured Islander.

Upon completion of the mission, you will receive 1400 XP, +3 reputation with Nauts, and begin the Sub Rosa mission.


1. What is GreedFall: The Spy from Theleme?

GreedFall: The Spy from Theleme is a DLC (downloadable content) for the video game GreedFall. It adds a new questline to the game in which the player character must go undercover as a spy for the Theleme faction in order to uncover a conspiracy. The DLC also adds new weapons, armor, and abilities to the game.

2. How do I start the Spy from Theleme questline?

To start the Spy from Theleme questline, you must have completed the main questline of GreedFall and have reached at least level 25. Once you meet those requirements, you will receive a new quest called \”The De Courcillon Conspiracy\” when you load your save file. Follow that quest to begin the Spy from Theleme questline.

3. What are some tips for playing through the Spy from Theleme questline?

One tip for playing through the Spy from Theleme questline is to focus on increasing your charisma and intuition skills, as these will help you in conversations with NPCs and in making choices that affect the outcome of the questline. It\’s also important to pay attention to the clues and information you gather throughout the questline, as they will help you make informed decisions. Finally, be prepared for combat encounters, as there are several in the questline.

4. Is the Spy from Theleme DLC worth buying?

Whether or not the Spy from Theleme DLC is worth buying depends on how much you enjoyed the base game and how interested you are in the new questline and weapons/armor/abilities it adds. If you loved GreedFall and want more content, the DLC is definitely worth considering. If you didn\’t enjoy the base game, however, the DLC likely won\’t change your mind.

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