GreedFall: The Experiments of Dr. Asili – step-by-step guide

This is a guide for the side quest, The Experiments of Dr. Asili, in GreedFall.

This section of the guide will provide a step-by-step walkthrough for completing The Experiments of Dr. Asili side quest.

To begin the quest, you must first complete the previous side quest, At the center of the Rebellion.

Head to the lab, but be aware that it is guarded. You can either use your sword to break through the guards or use the scaffolding nearby to go around them. Once inside, you will encounter a group of enemies that you must defeat in order to progress. Make your way to Dr. Asili\’s quarters.

Downstairs you will find the doctor\’s assistants. You have the option to order them to leave or stop them. For this guide, we chose to let them go. In this room, you will also find the keys to the cells, which you will need later on.

Go upstairs and confront Dr. Asili. Defeat him in combat and then decide whether to kill or apprehend him. For this guide, we chose to apprehend him.

Leave the building and use the keys you found earlier to free the prisoners. Then, go down into the gorge, defeat the guards and use an alternative passage to escape the area. Inform Governor Burhan about the incident to complete the quest. This will earn you +2 reputation with Bridge Alliance. Additionally, for releasing the doctor\’s assistants and sparing his life, you will receive another +2 reputation with the Bridge Alliance. Once the quest is finished, you will receive 1900 XP and start The Trial, another side quest.


What is GreedFall: The Experiments of Dr. Asili?

GreedFall: The Experiments of Dr. Asili is a DLC (Downloadable Content) for the popular action role-playing game GreedFall. In this DLC, players will encounter a strange disease that is ravaging the island of Teer Fradee. The disease seems to be linked to the experiments of the infamous Dr. Asili, who is conducting research on the island. It is up to the player to investigate the situation and uncover the truth behind the doctor\’s experiments.

What can players expect from the DLC?

Players can expect a new storyline that will take them to new areas of the island, as well as new enemies to fight and new allies to make. The DLC also introduces new gameplay mechanics, such as a new ability called \”Vampiric Feast\” that allows players to drain the life force of their enemies. Additionally, there are new weapons, armor, and crafting materials to acquire, as well as new side quests and factions to interact with.

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