GreedFall: The Admirals Secret Service – Guide

This guide for GreedFall contains the walkthrough for The Admiral\’s Secret Service, which is one of the side quests.

Where to begin the quest?: Speak to the Admiral after completing the main quest Treason!

Talk to Captain Ruben, and then converse with his crew. Head to the tavern where you will witness a brawl – order the thugs to stop fighting. They will refuse, so you have to kill them. Speak to the person at the bar.

The man is not interested in talking – buy a bottle of alcohol and offer it to him. He will become more talkative. The man will show you the delivery location – go there and stand on the stone ledge nearby. A suspicious person will arrive soon.

Follow the person into town. You will reach the culprit – you can use your charisma, or threaten him. After completing the case, return to the Captain to complete the quest. Your reward will be 1,300 XP and +3 Naut reputation.


What is GreedFall: The Admiral\’s Secret Service?

GreedFall: The Admiral\’s Secret Service is a DLC (Downloadable Content) for the role-playing game GreedFall. It is a continuation of the main game\’s story and features a new questline where players must help the Admiral of the Congregation\’s navy uncover a conspiracy and prevent a war. The expansion also introduces new characters, enemies, locations, and equipment, as well as new gameplay mechanics such as naval combat and diplomacy.

How long is the DLC?

The Admiral\’s Secret Service DLC takes around 5-10 hours to complete, depending on the player\’s playstyle and choices. The DLC includes multiple quests that require exploration, combat, and diplomacy, as well as side quests that offer additional rewards and storylines. Players can also replay the DLC with different choices and outcomes, adding to the game\’s replayability. The DLC is included in the GreedFall Gold Edition or can be purchased separately for players who already own the base game.

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