GreedFall: Sins Of Father Petrus – Petrus quest guide

This is a walkthrough for the Sins of Father Petrus mission in GreedFall, which is requested by Petrus himself.

To start the quest, talk to Petrus and complete his previous missions.

Speak to your friend and travel to New Serene. Seek out Admiral Cabral for information, then head to Hikmet to question Captain Lisandro about the main character\’s mother. Afterwards, go to the Village of Vignamri and talk to Ullan.

Interrogate the villagers and then follow the designated location. There, you\’ll find a woman being attacked by wild animals. Defeat the animals without harming the woman and watch the cutscene. Upon completion, you\’ll earn 1600 XP and +3 reputation with Petrus.


What is the Sins of Father Petrus quest in GreedFall?

The Sins of Father Petrus is a main quest in the GreedFall game. The quest is triggered after completing The Prince\’s Secret quest and talking to Mother Cardinal about the recent events. Mother Cardinal will ask you to find Father Petrus and bring him back to the city. Father Petrus is a missionary who went missing while on a mission to convert the natives to the Teer Fradee religion.

How do you complete the Sins of Father Petrus quest in GreedFall?

To complete the quest, you will need to travel to the missionary camp in Vedrad and find Father Petrus. You will need to sneak into the camp and find evidence of Father Petrus\’ wrongdoing. There are several ways to complete the quest, depending on your choices. You can either find evidence that will incriminate Father Petrus or you can help him escape. Once you have completed the quest, you will need to report back to Mother Cardinal and give her your report. The outcome of the quest will have an impact on the game\’s ending.

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