GreedFall: Master of Potions – Character Build

This is a guide to GreedFall for those interested in alchemy. With potions, you can restore your hero\’s health, strengthen your weapons, explore the world more easily, and apply crowd control/debuffs to enemies.

  • What talents should you develop?
  • What attributes should you prioritize?
  • What skills should you focus on?
  • How should you fight with this character build?

What Talents to Develop?

Charisma is a useful talent for developing alchemy. It reduces the cost of ingredients from merchants, making it cheaper to create potions.

Science is the most important talent for creating potions. It allows you to craft potions.

Intuition is the final important talent. It improves the collection of raw materials and increases their quantity, allowing you to create elixirs and potions much faster.

What Attributes to Develop?

Accuracy is the most important attribute for a potion master. It increases the damage of potions and firearms and destroys enemy armor more quickly.

What Skills to Develop?

  1. Anointed Weapons allows you to use potions to enhance weapon attacks.
  2. Alchemical Dosage increases the strength of potions.
  3. Assassin\’s Touch makes weapons under the influence of potions highly poisonous.

  1. Set Trap is an interesting skill that allows you to use alchemical potions that explode on contact with enemies, acting like grenades. They deal damage, stun, and knock down enemies.

How to Fight with this Character Build?

If you choose this build, expect to spend a lot of time exploring and collecting raw materials to create potions. Patience is key.

Remember that potions aren\’t your only weapon. It\’s best to carry a firearm or melee weapon with you. You can put potions on firearms to enhance their damage, which is a good way to increase your strength.


What is GreedFall: Master of Potions?

GreedFall: Master of Potions is a popular role-playing game that allows players to create their characters, choose their attributes and skills, and embark on a journey filled with adventure and danger. Players can specialize in different skills, including combat, diplomacy, and crafting, and customize their character\’s appearance, equipment, and abilities to suit their play style.

How do I build a character in GreedFall: Master of Potions?

To build a character in GreedFall: Master of Potions, you first need to choose a starting class, which determines your initial attributes and skills. You can then allocate points to your character\’s attributes, including strength, agility, and intelligence, and choose which skills you want to specialize in, such as crafting, lockpicking, or magic. It\’s important to balance your character\’s stats and skills to create a well-rounded build that can handle different challenges.

What are some tips for creating a successful character build in GreedFall: Master of Potions?

When creating a character build in GreedFall: Master of Potions, it\’s important to consider your play style and the challenges you\’ll face in the game. If you prefer combat, focus on strength and agility, and choose skills such as swordsmanship, firearms, and armor crafting. If you prefer diplomacy, prioritize charisma and intelligence, and choose skills such as intuition, charisma, and science. It\’s also a good idea to experiment with different builds and play styles to find what works best for you.

What are some popular character builds in GreedFall: Master of Potions?

There are many different character builds that can be successful in GreedFall: Master of Potions, depending on your play style and preferences. Some popular builds include the \”Combat Mage,\” which focuses on using magic to enhance combat abilities, the \”Crafting Specialist,\” which prioritizes skills such as alchemy and blacksmithing to create powerful weapons and potions, and the \”Charismatic Diplomat,\” which uses high charisma and diplomacy skills to negotiate and avoid conflict.

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