Great Hunting | Vampyr Walkthrough

This is a guide and walkthrough for Vampyr, specifically covering the fourth chapter titled \”Rising Fever\”.

Since Mary\’s death, a few nights have passed and the game world has changed with the appearance of new strong enemies in the streets. One of the most dangerous types are the Ekons – vampires similar to Jonathan, possessing similar skills and immense strength.

  1. To make progress easier, it\’s advised to upgrade your weapons. The materials needed for further improvements can be found from the sellers, so visit them when possible. A strong melee weapon is especially important.
  2. Once you\’re ready, follow the marker on the map to continue the storyline. Along the way, you\’ll encounter the red creature again who claims you as its champion. After that, head to Lady Ashbury\’s house.
  3. Talk to her and expect a fairly long dialogue where she expresses her feelings towards you. After the conversation, search her estate and head outside.
  4. This concludes this short mission, allowing you to visit the new neighborhood, West End!


1. What is Great Hunting in Vampyr Walkthrough?

Great Hunting is a quest in Vampyr Walkthrough, where the protagonist Dr. Jonathan Reid must hunt down a group of murderers who are terrorizing the streets of London. This is a pivotal quest in the game, as it marks the turning point for Dr. Reid, who must choose between his morals and his thirst for blood.

2. How do I complete the Great Hunting quest?

To complete the Great Hunting quest, you must first find all the clues and investigate the murders. Then, you must confront the murderers and decide whether to spare or kill them. This decision will have a significant impact on the rest of the game, as it will affect the fate of the characters and the city of London itself.

3. What are the consequences of killing or sparing the murderers in Great Hunting?

If you choose to spare the murderers in Great Hunting, you will be rewarded with a significant amount of experience points and will have the opportunity to learn more about their backstory and motivations. However, if you choose to kill them, you will receive a greater amount of experience points, but this decision will have a negative impact on the district\’s health status and the overall storyline of the game.

4. How does the Great Hunting quest tie into the overall storyline of Vampyr Walkthrough?

The Great Hunting quest is a crucial part of the overall storyline of Vampyr Walkthrough, as it sets the tone for Dr. Reid\’s journey and highlights the moral dilemmas he will face throughout the game. The quest also introduces the concept of district health, which is a key gameplay mechanic that affects the fate of London and its inhabitants. As such, the Great Hunting quest is an essential part of the Vampyr Walkthrough experience and should not be missed.

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