God of War Ragnarok: Walkthrough for Guiding Light Favor

If you want to complete the Guiding Light favor in Midgard of God of War Ragnarok, you need to locate the remains of Tyr\’s statue. Here you will find a comprehensive list of all the remains you need to find.

Guiding Light is one of the favors available in Midgard of GoW Ragnarok. This guide explains where to find all the wreckage of Tyr\’s statue and how to obtain the Guantlets of Guiding Light, Breastplate of Guiding Light, Jotunheim\’s Virtue, and Waist Guard of Guiding Light.

  • Rewards for the favor
  • Locating the wreckage of Tyr\’s statue

Rewards for the favor

  1. Kratos XP: 750,
  2. Companion XP: 200.

Locating the wreckage of Tyr\’s statue

The Guiding Light favor will be available during the 9th main mission – The Word of Fate. You will trigger the quest by finding one out of the four wreckage of Tyr\’s statue. The remaining wreckage will be indicated on Midgard\’s map.

The wreckage of Tyr\’s statue is made up of:

  1. Tyr\’s Right Bracer in the Shores of Nine;
  2. Tyr\’s Left Bracer in the Lake of Nine;
  3. Tyr\’s Helmet in the Lake of Nine;
  4. Tyr\’s Spear in the Lake of Nine.

At each wreckage of Tyr\’s statue, you will come across Rune Reads, which are part of the region\’s collectibles. The Shores of Nine statue is indicated as discovered in Guiding Light in the collectibles list. The remaining wreckage from Lake of Nine is classified as Lore from the Lake of Nine region. Each part of the statue has an armor piece buried next to it.


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