God of War Ragnarok: The Lost Treasure – Walkthrough and Rewards

Learn how to complete The Lost Treasure favor in God of War Ragnarok with our step-by-step walkthrough. We also provide tips on how to defeat the boss Ormstunga in the Alberich Hollow of Svartalfheim.

The Lost Treasure is a favor that can be found in Svartalfheim in God of War Ragnarok. Our guide covers the entire quest which includes visiting Dragon Beach and Alberich Hollow. We also explain how to retrieve the treasure and obtain the Jewel of Yggdrasil.

  • Rewards for completing the favor
  • How to start the favor
  • Exploring Alberich Hollow
  • Fighting the boss Ormstunga
  • Locating the treasure

Rewards for completing the favor

  1. Kratos XP – 3,000
  2. Companion XP – 750
  3. Jewel of Yggdrasil
  4. Emblem of Elusion

How to start the favor

The Lost Treasure favor can be started at Alberich Island or Dragon Beach in Svartalfheim.

If you speak to the father\’s ghost on Alberich Island, you\’ll find the son\’s ghost on Dragon Beach – and vice versa. If you find the legendary chest containing the treasure first, it may be locked until you start the favor.

Exploring Alberich Hollow

After talking to the son\’s ghost, the treasure will be marked on your map. Head to Dragon Beach.

Climb the chain onto the wooden platform and thrust the spear into the beam. Jump onto the bridge and approach the huge statue. To the left, you\’ll find the entrance to Alberich Hollow, a region that connects Dragon Beach with the Bay of Bounty.

Inside Alberich Hollow, you\’ll encounter a Bersgra with several helpers. After defeating them, pick up a bomb and destroy the blockade. Keep going, fighting more monsters along the way. Be sure to defeat the singing Nokken first. Pick up another bomb and destroy the next blockade.

Fighting the boss Ormstunga

Behind the second barrier, you\’ll face the boss Ormstunga. This enemy is quick, agile, has a long tongue, and can poison you.

Use the bombs that appear periodically and try to parry Ormstunga\’s attacks with your shield. You can also keep your distance from the boss and throw your axe at it.

Once defeated, Ormstunga drops the Emblem of Elusion, a new enchantment for your Amulet.

Locating the treasure

The last blockade in Alberich Hollow is located behind a large boulder. You won\’t be able to pass underneath while holding a bomb, so position yourself in front of the boulder and throw the bomb into the rubble.

Finally, open the legendary chest to find:

  1. Jewel of Yggdrasil
  2. 4,500 hacksilver
  3. some resources

Return to the father\’s ghost to complete the favor.


What is favor in God of War Ragnarok: The Lost Treasure?

In God of War Ragnarok: The Lost Treasure, favor is a side quest that players can complete to earn rewards and increase their stats. These quests can be found throughout the game and are often given by various characters that players encounter on their journey. Completing favor quests can earn players unique items, such as armor sets and enchantments, that cannot be obtained through the main story. Each favor quest has its own set of requirements and objectives, which can range from defeating a certain number of enemies to solving puzzles in a particular area. Favors are a fun way to explore the game world and add some extra challenges to the gameplay.

Can you give a walkthrough for God of War Ragnarok: The Lost Treasure?

A walkthrough for God of War Ragnarok: The Lost Treasure would be a comprehensive guide that covers the main story and all of the side quests, including favors. It would provide players with step-by-step instructions on how to progress through the game, defeat bosses, and complete quests. However, as a language model AI, I am not capable of creating a walkthrough for the game. As I do not have a physical body or access to the game, I can only provide general information about the game. Players can find walkthroughs and guides online from various gaming websites and forums. It\’s important to note that using a walkthrough may spoil some of the surprises and discoveries that players can make on their own, so it\’s up to each individual player to decide whether or not to use one.

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