God of War Ragnarok: The Crucible and Final Challenges – Guide

This guide for God of War Ragnarok covers The Crucible and Final Challenges, which are challenge quests found in Muspelheim. It details how to unlock these trials, how to complete the challenges, and what rewards you can receive.

One of the challenges in God of War Ragnarok is The Crucible, which can be accessed from Muspelheim. This guide provides a walkthrough on how to start the trials and complete The Crucible and Final Challenges favors. It also explains the unique rewards you can get for finishing the Crucible trials.

  • The Crucible – how to unlock the favor and visit Muspelheim
  • The Crucible – tips for completing challenges
  • The Final Challenges – how to unlock and complete them
  • Rewards for completing The Crucible challenges

The Crucible – how to unlock the favor and visit Muspelheim

The Crucible favor will be added to your log once you\’ve found half of the Muspelheim Seed. To know where to find both halves, visit the FAQ section\’s page on how to unlock challenges in Muspelheim.

Once you\’ve found both halves, you can visit any Mystic Gateway and choose Muspelheim\’s Crucible as your quick destination.

The Crucible – tips for completing challenges

The Crucible features three large swords with runic letters F, R, and N. Each sword has two initial challenges, but a third challenge is added later.

The F sword\’s initial challenges are:

  1. Weapon Mastery – You have to defeat enemies within a limited time using rune attacks and switching to an offensive playstyle. Use Spartan Rage when fighting tougher opponents.
  2. Flawless – You must win the battle without taking damage. To achieve this, run around the arena constantly and use ranged attacks with Leviathan Axe and spear. Hide behind cover when fighting enemies who attack from a distance.

The N sword\’s initial challenges are:

  1. Ring Out Challenge – You must fight opponents that regenerate at a high rate. To win, attack enemies close to chasms and lava to push them into hazards.
  2. Feed the Rift – You have to pick up orbs and throw them towards the rifts. Focus on collecting orbs and only attack enemies if they interfere with your task. This challenge has two parts (6 and 15 orbs).

The R sword\’s initial challenges are:

The Crucible is a series of challenges that you must complete in order to receive a reward from the runic chest in the center of the region. The first two challenges are Population Control and King of the Hill. In Population Control, you must defeat a strong enemy while keeping the number of lesser enemies below a certain limit. If you fail to do so, a time limit will be triggered and you will lose the challenge. To succeed, focus on defeating the weaker enemies first and only attack the miniboss when necessary. In King of the Hill, you must survive for a set amount of time while preventing the enemies from taking control of circles in the arena. The number of enemies will increase with each new phase of the battle, so be sure to memorize the locations of the circles and use heavy attacks to quickly defeat enemies inside them.

Once you complete all six challenges, you will unlock The Final Challenges. To access these challenges, interact with the new sword at the location of the runic chest. Three additional challenges will appear at F, N, and R swords. In Rampage, you must defeat 20 enemies within a certain amount of time. Use seals on enemies and stun and ride ogres to succeed. In Health Steal, Kratos\’s health will decrease over time and can only be regenerated through damage dealing. Be aggressive and attack as often as possible. In Kill Fuse, you must quickly defeat enemies to add additional seconds to the time counter. Use heavy attacks and companion skills for more difficult opponents.

There are also six new challenges available at the center sword. To unlock them, you must complete challenge pairs from the previous three swords. Look for runes on the ground to indicate which challenges to complete. Once you have completed the necessary pairs, you can begin the new challenges at the center sword. These challenges include a variety of tasks that will test your combat skills and abilities.

The Crucible is a challenging quest in Muspelheim that offers various rewards upon completion. There are six challenges in total that players must complete to earn these rewards. The challenges include Endurance, Boss Rush, Phantom, Ring of Fire, Shield Breaker, and Onslaught. Players must defeat a variety of enemies and mini-bosses, with some stronger enemies requiring the use of Spartan Rage and runic attacks.

Completing each challenge awards players with a legendary chest that contains unique equipment and crafting ingredients such as Surtr’s Scorched Armor Set, Blazing Embers, Glowing Embers, and Smoldering Embers. These items can be used to upgrade equipment and increase Kratos\’s resistance to enemy attacks. In addition, players can earn Hacksilver and Divine Ashes which are the main currencies in the game.

Other rewards include Kratos XP, Companion XP, and the Trials by Fire silver trophy, which is earned for completing all of the available challenges. Players must play defensively and focus on saving their health points to complete the challenges successfully.


1. What is The Crucible in God of War Ragnarok?

The Crucible is a challenging arena in God of War Ragnarok where players can take on a series of increasingly difficult battles. The arena is located in Muspelheim and can be accessed after completing the main story. The Crucible consists of six challenges, each with its own set of enemies and requirements for completion. The challenges range from defeating waves of enemies within a time limit to completing objectives while under specific conditions. Players can earn rewards for completing the challenges, such as resources and rare items.

2. How do I access The Crucible in God of War Ragnarok?

To access The Crucible in God of War Ragnarok, players must first complete the main story. Once the story is complete, players can travel to Muspelheim and access the arena. The entrance to The Crucible is located in the center of Muspelheim, and players must complete the first challenge before they can access the subsequent challenges. The challenges become progressively more difficult as players complete each one.

3. What are the rewards for completing The Crucible in God of War Ragnarok?

Players can earn a variety of rewards for completing The Crucible challenges in God of War Ragnarok. These rewards include resources such as Hacksilver and materials for upgrading armor and weapons. Players can also earn rare items such as enchantments and talismans. Additionally, completing The Crucible challenges can unlock new cosmetic options for Kratos and Atreus. Players can replay the challenges to earn additional rewards and improve their scores.

4. What are some tips for completing The Crucible in God of War Ragnarok?

Completing The Crucible challenges in God of War Ragnarok can be challenging, but there are some tips that can help players succeed. It is important to pay attention to the requirements for each challenge and adjust Kratos\’ equipment and abilities accordingly. Players should also take advantage of Atreus\’ abilities and use them to weaken enemies and provide support. It can also be helpful to learn enemy attack patterns and use parrying and dodging to avoid taking damage. Finally, players should be patient and persistent, as completing The Crucible challenges may require multiple attempts.

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