God of War Ragnarok: Secrets and Collectibles in Pilgrims Landing, Vanaheim

This guide for God of War Ragnarok is designed to help players explore the world of Vanaheim to its fullest. Specifically, this page focuses on secrets and collectibles in Pilgrim\’s Landing, including Legendary Chests, Lore, Berserk Gravestones, and the favor Cure for the Dead.

Pilgrim\’s Landing is located in the western part of Vanaheim. On this page, you\’ll find a list of all the collectibles and side activities in the region, as well as instructions on how to reach them and achieve 100% completion.

  • All collectibles
  • Lore – Dead on Arrival
  • Berserker Gravestone
  • Favour – Cure for the Dead
  • Legendary Chest

All Collectibles

In Pilgrim\’s Landing, players can find the following collectibles and optional tasks:

  1. 1x Legendary Chest
  2. 1x Lore
  3. 1x Berserker Gravestones
  4. 1x Cure for the Dead – favor

Note that some secrets in Pilgrim\’s Landing may not be available until later visits to Vanaheim.

Lore – Dead on Arrival

This is a Lore Marker secret. Players can investigate the main ruins adjacent to the boat dock to find this secret. To reach the ruins, players must first lower the drawbridge. Once inside, players should order their companion to create a seal on the torch to set the vines on fire and expose the left shield. They can then throw their axe at the shield. The right shield can be destroyed with the Leviathan axe. After defeating the monsters in the ruins, players can find the rune tablet.

Berserker Gravestone

To make the gravestone appear, players must progress in the main story. Interacting with the gravestone will start a fight against a berserker soul, an optional boss in the game. This encounter against Hvitserkr the Bold is described in detail in the Bosses chapter.

Favour – Cure for the Dead

Players must reach the boat dock in Pilgrim\’s Landing and find the specter, Mari, to begin this favor. The walkthrough for this favor, which involves retrieving three items for the specter, can be found on a dedicated page.

Legendary Chest

This chest is located in the northern part of the ruins near the beach. Players should start by lowering the first drawbridge, then free the hanging platform by throwing the axe at the hitch. They can use the Blades of Chaos to grab the platform and swing it to the right, touching the flames so the basket on the right catches fire. Players must then place interlocking seals from the right basket to the platform and set both baskets on fire to claim the Grip of the Fallen Alchemist, an axe attachment for the Leviathan Axe.

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To the left, swing the platform using the Blades and touch the left basket to ignite it. Place the seals on the new basket, and their explosion should set fire to the nearby red vines.

With the vines gone, the right shield is now unlocked and the left shield is already accessible. The Legendary Chest is hidden under the new platform.


What are the collectibles in Pilgrim\’s Landing, Vanaheim?

In Pilgrim\’s Landing, Vanaheim, there are several collectibles that players can find. These include Odin\’s Ravens, Artefacts, and Lore Markers. Odin\’s Ravens are birds that players can hear and see flying around the area. Players can shoot them down with their bow to collect them. Artefacts are objects scattered throughout the area that players can collect. These can include pots, jars, and other objects that have some significance in Norse mythology. Finally, Lore Markers are stones with inscriptions on them. Players can interact with them to learn more about the story of God of War. Collecting all of these items can give players rewards such as experience points and unique items.

What secrets can be found in Pilgrim\’s Landing, Vanaheim?

Aside from the collectibles mentioned above, there are several secrets that players can find in Pilgrim\’s Landing, Vanaheim. These include hidden chambers, treasure maps, and hidden paths. Hidden chambers are areas that players can find by solving puzzles or completing certain tasks. These chambers can contain rare items and unique enemies. Treasure maps can also be found in the area. These maps lead players to hidden treasure chests that contain valuable items. Finally, there are hidden paths that players can find by exploring the area thoroughly. These paths often lead to shortcuts or hidden areas with rare items.

How do I unlock the secret ending in God of War Ragnarok?

To unlock the secret ending in God of War Ragnarok, players must complete certain tasks. These tasks include finding all the collectibles in the game, completing all the side quests, and defeating all the optional bosses. Once these tasks are completed, players will be able to access the secret ending. The secret ending provides additional story content and can give players a better understanding of the game\’s lore. Players who want to see everything the game has to offer should strive to unlock the secret ending.

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