God of War Ragnarok: Old Friends – guide

If you\’re playing God of War Ragnarok, you\’ll encounter Atreus\’ first quest called Old Friends. In this quest, Kratos\’ son wants to meet Freya. Here\’s a walkthrough guide on how to play as Atreus, meet Jormungandr and reach Freya\’s camp in Midgard.

The main quest Old Friends in God of War Ragnarok requires you to play as Atreus. The walkthrough guide will help you win battles as Atreus, reach the meeting point with Jormungandr, find Freya\’s camp, return to Sindri\’s house and unlock the Mystic Gateway to Alfheim.

  • Speak with Jormungandr
  • Speak with Freya
  • Return home to Sindri\’s
  • Travel to Alfheim

Speak with Jormungandr

In this quest, Atreus becomes a playable character and is accompanied by Sindri. To start, reach the Mystic Gateway next to Sindri\’s house and you\’ll move to Midgard, specifically to the Shores of the Nine. You\’ll come across a closed gate – hit its green seals with sound arrows to unlock the tight passage.

You\’ll encounter a bigger obstacle. Start by hitting the green objects on the left with the sound arrow. Stand somewhere where you can see the obstacle from the other side and hit the green objects in the picture. Return to Sindri and pass through. This will be Atreus\’ first battle, where he can shoot the bow or use a melee weapon. He can also block attacks and activate special bow attacks. Sindri can also help in fights.

After winning the battles, reach the elevator and Atreus will summon Jormungrandr.

Speak with Freya

Approach the big gate and press X rapidly to try to open it. Along the way, you\’ll be attacked by new monsters. During battles, you can shoot red jugs and make them explode. After the battle, explore the dark area to find a green seal. Hitting it with a sound arrow will unlock a new passage.

When you reach the new location, the game will unlock more skills on Atreus\’ skill trees. Sindri will stay here while you proceed alone. Reach the vertical wall and start climbing. Grab the edges and move sideways. On one of the shelves, hit the red jug quickly to kill the monster that attacks from a distance.

Reach the narrow entrance to the cave. Barricades will appear in new locations. Hit green objects with your bow and look for red jugs. Detonating them with arrows can destroy yellow crystals and unlock passages.

In certain climbs, you may need to jump to adjacent edges by facing them and pressing the X button when the prompt appears on the screen.

While in the caves, you may encounter Nightmares that attack from a distance. Remember to destroy structures (green supports) and drop explosive jugs to defeat them.

After reaching a ledge above Sindri, you can optionally call out to him and throw a snowball at him before continuing. Move left by grabbing the ledges until you reach Freya\’s camp.

Return to Sindri\’s Home

Upon meeting Freya, climb the chain to the top and open the large chest for a bow upgrade. Destroy the barricade in the cave with a sound arrow.

After returning to Sindri\’s home, a conversation with him will be interrupted by a larger monster. Use the dwarf\’s help by throwing bombs and defeat all the monsters to reach the rift and leave the area.

On the way back, you will need to fight more battles and use the elevator again. Reach the Mystic Gateway and go through it to return to Sindri\’s house.

Travel to Alfheim

As Kratos, head to the Mystic Gateway and encounter Ratatoskr, who will offer a favor and give you a Yggdrasil Seed.

Two new realms will be unlocked:

  1. Alfheim – This is the main destination where you can start the Groa\’s Secret main quest. It is described on the next page of the walkthrough.
  2. Niflheim – This is an optional realm that initially only contains a training arena and treasure chests that you can open by killing Odin\’s ravens. You can explore the starting area of this land right away or get here later.


What is God of War Ragnarok: Old Friends?

God of War Ragnarok: Old Friends is a part of the God of War series that was developed by Santa Monica Studio. It is a continuation of the story of Kratos and his son Atreus. The game is set in Norse mythology and follows Kratos and Atreus as they travel through the Nine Realms. In this game, they meet old friends and foes alike and face new challenges.

What are the new features in God of War Ragnarok: Old Friends?

God of War Ragnarok: Old Friends introduces a few new features to the game. One of the most notable features is the ability to play as Atreus. Players can switch between Kratos and Atreus during combat to use their unique abilities. The game also features a new weapon for Kratos, the Leviathan Axe, which can be upgraded and customized. Additionally, the game has a new skill tree system that allows players to upgrade Kratos and Atreus\’ abilities.

What is the gameplay like in God of War Ragnarok: Old Friends?

The gameplay in God of War Ragnarok: Old Friends is similar to previous titles in the series. It is an action-adventure game that features exploration, puzzle-solving, and combat. Players control Kratos and Atreus as they travel through the Nine Realms, fighting enemies and collecting items. The combat system has been refined and improved in this game, with new moves and abilities available to the players. In addition, the game features a variety of side quests and optional content that can be completed for rewards.

When will God of War Ragnarok: Old Friends be released?

The release date for God of War Ragnarok: Old Friends has not been officially announced yet. However, it is expected to be released sometime in 2022. The game will be available on the PlayStation 5 console, and it is likely that it will also be released on the PlayStation 4. Fans of the series are eagerly anticipating the release of this game and are excited to see what new adventures await Kratos and Atreus.

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