God of War Ragnarok: In Plain Sight – step-by-step guide

Here\’s a step-by-step guide for completing the In Plain Sight favor in God of War Ragnarok. This favor requires you to track down the Soul Devourer in Vanaheim. Our guide will help you find dead animals in the Plains region, locate the Crater mini-boss, and defeat the Soul Eater.

On this page, you\’ll find a complete walkthrough for the In Plain Sight Favour. We\’ll show you how to find the Soul Eater\’s traces in The Plains region of Vanaheim, track down the monster, and defeat it.

  • Favor rewards
  • How to unlock the quest
  • Find more evidence of Soul Eater activity
  • Defeat the Soul Eater

Favor rewards

  1. Kratos XP – 3,000
  2. Companion XP – 750
  3. Hunter\’s Brand – a unique crafting reagent used to upgrade armor

How to unlock the quest

This favor can be initiated by visiting the western part of The Plains, which is one of The Crater regions of northern Vanaheim.

You need to find the carcass of an animal that reveals marks of a Soul Eater\’s activity when investigated.

Find more evidence of Soul Eater activity

Travel to the marked circle on the map (you need to have the quest active to see the circle). You\’ll find more carcasses with a blue Favour icon.

Defeat the Soul Eater

The Soul Eater is found in this area, but it\’s initially inactive. To continue, approach the cluster of stones shown in the screenshot above.

Time to face the enemy:

  1. To damage the Soul Eater, you need to wait until it reveals its core. Your attacks will only do damage to it then.
  2. Damage the core by making Axe throws or by throwing projectiles left by the boss.
  3. Once the Soul Eater is stunned, you can jump on it and deal additional damage easily.

Defeating the beast concludes the Favour.


What is God of War Ragnarok: In Plain Sight?

God of War Ragnarok: In Plain Sight is the latest installment in the God of War series. It is a third-person action-adventure game that follows Kratos and his son Atreus on their journey through the Nine Realms of Norse mythology. In this game, players will encounter new enemies, explore new areas, and discover the secrets of Ragnarok, the prophesied end of the world. The game features a rich story, intense combat, and stunning visuals that bring the world of Norse mythology to life.

How do I play God of War Ragnarok: In Plain Sight?

To play God of War Ragnarok: In Plain Sight, you will need a PlayStation 5 console. The game is exclusive to this console and cannot be played on any other platform. Once you have the console, you can purchase the game either digitally or as a physical copy. Once you have the game installed, you can begin playing by following the main story or exploring the various side quests and activities. The game features a variety of weapons and abilities that can be upgraded as you progress, allowing you to customize your playstyle to suit your preferences. Whether you are a veteran of the series or new to God of War, Ragnarok: In Plain Sight offers a rich and engaging experience that is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end.

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