God of War Ragnarok: Finding Lundas Lost Armor – 3 Pieces in Vanaheim

This guide is about finding Lunda\’s Lost Armor, which is a unique set of equipment in God of War Ragnarok. Here, we will tell you where to find the belt, bracers, and cuirass of Lunda\’s armor in Vanaheim. Additionally, we will provide information about the damage bonus that you get by wearing items from the same set.

One of the Labours in God of War Ragnarok is finding pieces of Lunda\’s Lost Armor. In this guide, we will show you where to find Lunda\’s Broken Belt, Lunda\’s Broken Bracers, and Lunda\’s Broken Cuirass. We will also tell you how to repair these items and gain a 40% bonus to damage dealt by Kratos. This bonus will be useful when fighting bosses.

  • Meeting with Lunda and unlocking the task
  • Lunda\’s Lost Belt
  • Lunda\’s Lost Bracers
  • Lunda\’s Lost Cuirass
  • Returning the damaged armor parts to Lunda

Meeting with Lunda and unlocking the task

Lunda is one of the dwarves in God of War Ragnarok, and you can meet her for the first time in Freyr\’s camp in Vanaheim during The Reckoning story quest.

Lunda, like Brok and Sindri, works at dwarven stores. You can talk to her to unlock and begin Lunda\’s Lost Armor Labour, which involves finding three missing damaged armor parts. Delivering them to Lunda will enable her to craft a new armor for Kratos.

Lunda\’s Lost Belt

Lunda\’s Broken Belt is the first of the three pieces you need to find.

Get to the boat and travel to Noatun\’s Garden. We have marked the search area in the screenshot.

Enter the garden and locate an interactive wall where you can create a rune to unlock a secret pathway.

The newly unlocked area hides a red chest containing the damaged armor piece.

Lunda\’s Lost Bracers

The second part is Lunda\’s Broken Bracers.

Once again, get to the boat and travel to the Cliffside Ruins. We have marked the search area in the screenshot.

While in the ruins, find an interactive climb spot shown in the screenshot.

Up top, you\’ll find a red chest containing the damaged armor piece.

Lunda\’s Lost Cuirass

The final piece is Lunda\’s Broken Cuirass.

The item you are searching for is in The Veiled Passage region of southern Vanaheim, which is initially inaccessible. We have marked it in the screenshot. You can find the way to unlock it on a dedicated page called \”Unlocking the gate to southern Vanaheim\”.

The exploration of The Veiled Passage begins from the south, and you need to head north. Along the way, you\’ll encounter a wooden barricade shown in the screenshot – destroy it. Behind it, you can find the red chest containing the armor piece.

Give Back the Broken Armor Pieces to Lunda

After obtaining one or all of the damaged armor pieces, you can return to Lunda by visiting any dwarven store in Vanaheim.

Lunda only requires the damaged armor pieces to craft the armor and no other crafting reagent is necessary.

Remember to wear both the belt and bracers together for an additional bonus of increased damage dealt by 40% along with a stat boost if you have two items from the set.

As you progress to new levels, Lunda\’s Armor can be upgraded with silver and various crafting ingredients. Upgrade the items to level 9 if you find the damage bonus useful.


What is Lunda\’s Lost Armor in God of War Ragnarok?

Lunda\’s Lost Armor is a set of powerful armor that players can find in the Vanaheim realm in God of War Ragnarok. This set consists of three pieces – the chest plate, gauntlets, and waist guard – each with unique properties that enhance Kratos\’ combat abilities. The armor is said to have been lost for centuries and is highly sought after by players who want to elevate their gameplay experience.

Where can players find the pieces of Lunda\’s Lost Armor in Vanaheim?

Players can find the pieces of Lunda\’s Lost Armor scattered throughout the Vanaheim realm in God of War Ragnarok. The chest plate is located in the Forest of the Fallen Giants, near the entrance to the Hidden Chamber of Odin. The gauntlets can be found in the Ruins of the Ancient, behind a locked door that requires the Wind of Hel to open. The waist guard is hidden in the Temple of the Light, guarded by a powerful enemy called the Valkyrie of Vanaheim. Players will need to defeat this Valkyrie to obtain the waist guard and complete the set.

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