God of War Ragnarok: Defeating Valkyrie Queen Gna

Learn how to defeat the powerful optional boss, Valkyrie Queen Gna, in God of War Ragnarok. This guide provides information on Gna\’s location, how to prepare for the fight, and how to counter her attacks.

Fighting Gna, the queen of the Valkyries, in God of War Ragnarok is a challenging task. This guide provides tips on reaching Gna\’s hideout in Muspelheim, preparing for the fight, weakening her, and dealing with her powerful attacks.

  • Unlocking the fight with Valkyrie Queen and preparing for the battle
  • Boss fight with Gna

Unlocking the fight with Valkyrie Queen and preparing for the battle

As a strong optional boss, Gna, the queen of the Valkyries, can only be fought after completing the main storyline and reaching her hideout in Muspelheim.

To reach her hideout, head to the Crucible region in Muspelheim. Look for a small passage in the rocks to the east of the mystical gate and store. Jump to the next interactive edges to get to Gna\’s lair.

Gna will only initiate the duel when approached. If you\’re not confident, you can withdraw and return later.

Save the fight with Valkyrie queen for the end, as it is one of the most challenging fights in the game. Prepare by developing Kratos to level 9, upgrading weapons and armor for higher survivability and damage.

Here are some additional tips:

  1. To upgrade Kratos\’ equipment, you need rare and unique reagents that can be acquired by defeating various bosses. Postpone the fight with Gna until the end of the game to acquire these reagents.
  2. Consider getting and developing Lunda\’s armor from Vanaheim, which adds 40% to damage dealt. However, invest in health and protection to avoid losing health from Gna\’s attacks.
  3. Purchase a Resurrection Stone before fighting Gna. Save the game before the fight to avoid buying another stone from the shop in case of defeat.
  4. Lower the difficulty level if you only want to fight Gna to obtain the platinum trophy. However, Kratos should still be at maximum level 9.

Boss fight with Gna

The Valkyrie Queen has a long health bar and is resilient to attacks. To defeat her, weaken her by dodging and blocking her attacks, and using runic attacks to inflict damage. Use Atreus\’ shock arrows to interrupt her attacks and stun her.

To defeat Gna, the Valkyrie Queen, in God of War, you need to use Kratos\’ weapons\’ runic attacks, preferably all six of them, and use only fast types of attacks. Spartan Rage can be used to heal or weaken Gna faster. Companion powers can perform normal or stronger attacks. Always be on the move and facing the boss, using dodges when unsure about blocking or parrying an attack. To heal Kratos, pick up green medicine items or use Spartan Rage if chosen.

Reacting correctly and quickly to Gna\’s attacks is crucial for survival. She mainly uses red attacks that must be avoided, while yellow attacks can be parried. Melee attacks are fast but end in a red attack, leaving little time to dodge. Guarding with wings requires breaking through blue rings with the shield. Charging weapons in the air requires quickly approaching Gna and using the shield.

The Onslaught Shield can reduce distance and is obtained on the All shields page in the Character progression chapter. Landing is faster than the Berserker version, requiring immediate dodging. Aerial attacks are a series of two attacks, with little time to dodge. Dodging to the side is crucial for bombarding the arena with projectiles. Charging and wave of fire are red attacks, requiring evading to the side. Homing projectiles can be a regular or red attack, flying too fast to dodge or block.

The strategy for defeating Gna includes shooting a single large projectile, which is signaled in advance and does not move very quickly, making it easy to dodge. Depleting Gna\’s entire health bar and finishing the fight with an execution is also necessary. Don\’t forget to keep the tag for the screenshot.


What is the Valkyrie Queen Gna in God of War Ragnarok?

The Valkyrie Queen Gna is one of the toughest bosses in the game God of War Ragnarok. She is one of the nine Valkyries that players must defeat in order to unlock the Valkyrie set armor. Gna is a powerful Valkyrie with a variety of attacks that can quickly drain Kratos\’ health. She is located in the Foothills area of the game and is usually the last Valkyrie that players face.

How to defeat the boss Valkyrie Queen Gna in God of War Ragnarok?

Defeating the Valkyrie Queen Gna requires a lot of skill and patience. First, players should ensure that they are at a high enough level and have the appropriate gear equipped. Gna has a variety of attacks, including a powerful unblockable attack, so players should be prepared to dodge and roll frequently. Players should also focus on attacking her weak spots, such as her wings, to deal the most damage. It\’s important to stay mobile and avoid getting cornered, as Gna can quickly take out a significant portion of Kratos\’ health. With enough practice and perseverance, players can eventually defeat the Valkyrie Queen Gna and earn the valuable rewards that come with it.

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