God of War Ragnarok: Defeating the Forest Ancient

This guide for God of War Ragnarok explains how to defeat the first Forest Ancient boss encountered during The Reckoning quest in Vanaheim. Learn how to avoid the golem\’s ranged attacks and defeat the mini-boss.

To encounter the first Forest Ancient, progress through The Reckoning quest in Vanaheim during the main storyline. Our walkthrough will help you identify the boss\’s weaknesses and evade its ranged attacks.

  • Location of the Forest Ancient fight
  • Tactics for defeating the boss

Location of Forest Ancient Fight

The Forest Ancient is a mini-boss in God of War Ragnarok. The first mandatory encounter with the Forest Ancient takes place during The Reckoning quest in Vanaheim.

After leaving Freyr\’s camp, you will encounter the Forest Ancient. The fight will start once you approach the boss, and you can initiate a ranged attack.

Later in the game, you may encounter additional Ancients. The primary tactics remain the same, but there may be differences between the \”variants.\”

Tactics for Defeating the Boss

The Forest Ancient\’s main attack is to open its chest and shoot, either bombarding the area or firing horizontal beams.

If you do not have time to attack, stand behind a tree to avoid the beam and stay safe.

Quickly throw Leviathan at the chest opening. If successful, the Forest Ancient will drop orbs.

Collect the orbs and throw them at the boss. Each throw deals significant damage to the Forest Ancient.

The orbs can also charge the white bar and stun the Forest Ancient. Rush towards the boss and press R3 to unleash a powerful attack. This method may not slay the boss, but it removes a large portion of its health bar.

In the later part of the battle, minions will appear. Do not ignore them, as they can cause major issues when fighting the Forest Ancient. Eliminate them from a distance and press X quickly if a monster jumps on you.

Keep attacking the boss. Once the Forest Ancient loses all its energy, it will fall and explode.


1. What is Forest Ancient in God of War Ragnarok?

Forest Ancient is one of the bosses in God of War Ragnarok. It is an ancient tree that has been corrupted by dark magic and is now a threat to the forest. The Forest Ancient is a formidable opponent, and defeating it requires skill and strategy.

2. What are the weaknesses of Forest Ancient?

The Forest Ancient has a few weaknesses that can be exploited to defeat it. The first weakness is its roots, which are vulnerable to fire. You can use Atreus\’ arrows to light the roots on fire, which will cause significant damage to the Forest Ancient. The second weakness is its glowing spots, which can be targeted with Kratos\’ axe. Hitting these spots will also cause significant damage to the boss.

3. What is the strategy to defeat Forest Ancient?

The key to defeating the Forest Ancient is to stay mobile and avoid its attacks. Its attacks include swiping with its branches, stomping the ground to create shockwaves, and summoning vines to trap Kratos and Atreus. To avoid these attacks, you should constantly move around the boss and dodge its attacks. You should also focus on attacking its weaknesses, such as its roots and glowing spots. Use Atreus\’ arrows to light its roots on fire, and use Kratos\’ axe to hit its glowing spots. Repeat this process until the boss is defeated.

4. What rewards do you get for defeating Forest Ancient?

Defeating the Forest Ancient in God of War Ragnarok will reward you with valuable loot and resources. You will receive a large amount of experience points, which can be used to level up your characters and unlock new abilities. You will also receive rare crafting materials and weapons, which can be used to upgrade your equipment and make your characters more powerful. Additionally, defeating the Forest Ancient will allow you to progress further in the game and face even more challenging bosses.

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