God of War Ragnarok: Defeating the Berserker Hjalti the Stolid

Get ready to take on Hjalti the Stolid, one of the optional bosses in God of War Ragnarok. In this guide, we\’ll explain how to unlock the Berserks Gravestone in the Forbidden Sands of Alfheim, the attacks you need to watch out for, and the best tactics for defeating Hjalti.

The Berserker Soul of Hjalti the Stolid is a challenging boss in God of War Ragnarok. This page of the guide will cover how to unlock Hjalti\’s gravestone in Alfheim, the recommended tactics for defeating the Berserker, and how to handle Hjalti\’s unique attacks.

  • Location of the Hjalti Fight
  • How to Beat the Berserker Boss

Location of the Hjalti Fight

The Berserker Gravestone is located in the Forbidden Sands region, but you won\’t be able to start the fight until you\’ve completed the Song of the Sands favor in the same part of Alfheim. This will help remove sandstorms in the area, allowing you to reach the Berserker Gravestone.

How to Beat the Berserker Boss

All Berserkers are fought in small enclosed arenas. Avoid standing near the edges of the arena, as the camera can make it difficult for you to follow the boss. It\’s a good idea to start attacking Hjalti as soon as he appears in the arena, so he will lose some health at the start of the fight.

During the fight, you should:

  1. use Kratos\’ runic attacks – ideally, you should use all six (2 attacks for each weapon);
  2. use Spartan Rage (depending on the type you choose, activate it immediately or, for example, only after taking more damage);
  3. ask your companion for help – they can use regular or stronger attacks (hold down the button);
  4. keep moving and dodge when you\’re not sure if you\’ll be able to block or parry an attack;
  5. avoid losing too much health in the initial part of the fight – health may appear in the arena, but picking it up can be risky.

Hjalti may try to charge at you during the fight – it is a blue skill and you should try to stop him by hitting the boss with your shield. The Onslaught Shield can be very helpful in this situation, allowing you to make a charge with your shield and quickly approach the Berserker.

To obtain the Onslaught Shield, check out the All shields page of the Character Progression chapter.

Hjalti\’s red attacks can be dangerous:

  1. shooting projectiles while levitating – don\’t try to throw weapons at the boss, but instead focus on dodging to the side at the perfect moment;
  2. jumping combined with hitting the ground – perform a dodge shortly before Hjalti finishes the jump.

Hjalti also uses a yellow spinning attack that you can recognize from other Berserker fights. You need to practice dodges or parrying at the last moment (risky), i.e. just before the boss hits Kratos. Dodging or parrying too early will cause you to receive damage.

The boss battle with Hjalti will end once his health bar is empty. At this point, you will have the chance to execute him by pressing R3. Don\’t forget to collect all the loot from the arena before you head towards the quest-marked sword fragment. The tag shows a screenshot of the game.


What is Brserker Hjalti the Stolid?

Brserker Hjalti the Stolid is one of the many boss battles you\’ll encounter in God of War Ragnarok. He is a powerful enemy that can be found in the Forsaken Mines. He is known for his brute force and ability to take a lot of damage. Defeating him requires careful planning and execution.

How to defeat Brserker Hjalti the Stolid?

Defeating Brserker Hjalti the Stolid requires a combination of dodging and attacking. His attacks are slow and predictable, so it\’s important to learn his patterns and dodge accordingly. Once you dodge his attacks, you can counter with your own attacks. It\’s important to use all of your available tools, such as Atreus\’ arrows and Kratos\’ runic attacks. You should also use your Spartan Rage ability when it becomes available. The fight will be long and difficult, but with patience and persistence, you can defeat Brserker Hjalti the Stolid and move on to the next challenge.

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