God of War Ragnarok: Defeating Garm (Chase and Second Battle)

Here in this God of War Ragnarok guide, we will be discussing how to defeat the boss Garm in the chase and second battle. This takes place during the Reunion quest in Helheim. We will guide you on how to avoid Garm during the escape and how to attack the weak points on the wolf\’s body.

Garm appears twice as a boss in the Reunion main quest in God of War Ragnarok. This page of the guide will help you in finishing the chase sequence and how to finally defeat the big wolf. We will also explain Garm\’s weaknesses in the second boss fight.

The first confrontation with the huge wolf is described on the previous page of the Bosses chapter: Garm (first fight).

  • Chasing Garm
  • Description of the second boss fight

Chasing Garm

As a reminder, Garm is a large wolf who appears in the Reunion main quest in Helheim. Kratos and Atreus have to face the beast a total of two times.

The second confrontation begins with a chase – you have to run away from Garm. It will start when you try to open the gate shown in the image above.

During the chase, follow the only possible route and don\’t stop, because the boss can then hit you with ranged attacks.

You will encounter Legion monsters – you can kill them quickly with area attacks or evade them. Use dodges, as the creatures have red attacks that can allow them to jump onto Kratos\’ back. You then have to free yourself (press X quickly).

Garm will appear on your route and you must drive him away. Choose the spear and throw it at the chain on the monster\’s upper limb – we have marked it in the picture. When the spear hits the target, detonate it (Triangle).

Continue running away. You will eventually reach a new arena, where the second fight with Garm will begin.

Description of the Second Boss Fight

During the actual fight with Garm, select the spear and throw it at the chains on Garm\’s upper limbs. Detonate the spears to make the beast lose a lot of health.

In the second fight, Garm will also leap at Kratos. Dodge to the right and try to destroy the boulder by Garm\’s collar. Throw several spears at it and detonate them (you can also do this after the boss gets up from the ground).

If you don\’t see the weak spot, just attack Garm\’s head before the beast gets up from the ground.

Garm\’s attacks:

  1. Dodge ice projectiles (red attack);
  2. Run sideways or parry shock waves (yellow attack).

When Garm loses almost all of its health bar, you will notice that the boss can regenerate. This simply means that you need to deplete the bar again.

Use spears on weak points – those located on the monster\’s upper limbs and the collar.

To defeat Garm, you must continue fighting until you have the opportunity to grab its collar by pressing R3 (as shown in the image above). Once you have a hold, rapidly press X to attack.

Atreus will then jump onto Garm\’s back. Press Square and the boy will thrust the blade into the monster\’s body. Although Garm will escape, this will be the final battle against it.


1. What is Garm and where can I find him in God of War Ragnarok?

Garm is a powerful enemy in God of War Ragnarok, a fierce hound found in the realm of Helheim. You will encounter Garm twice in the game: first in a chase sequence and then in a boss battle.

2. What is the strategy for defeating Garm in the chase sequence?

In the chase sequence, you will need to run away from Garm while avoiding obstacles. The key to success is to keep moving and avoid getting hit by his attacks. Use the Leviathan Axe to break obstacles in your path and create distance between you and Garm. When you reach the end of the sequence, use Atreus\’ arrows to stun Garm and finish him off.

3. What is the strategy for defeating Garm in the second battle?

In the boss battle, Garm will have a new set of attacks and will be much more difficult to defeat. The key to success is to use Atreus\’ arrows to stun Garm and then use the Leviathan Axe to deal damage. Keep moving to avoid his attacks and use the shield to block when necessary. When Garm is weakened, you can use a stun grab to deal a massive amount of damage.

4. Are there any recommended upgrades or equipment for fighting Garm?

To make the battle easier, it\’s recommended to have the Leviathan Axe upgraded to at least level 3 and to have Atreus\’ arrows upgraded as well. Additionally, having the Talisman of Unbound Potential can be helpful as it allows for a powerful Runic attack that can deal massive damage to Garm. Remember to also have plenty of health and rage potions on hand to ensure you have the resources to survive the battle.

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