God of War Ragnarok: Animal Instincts – How to Complete the Favor

This guide will help you complete the Animal Instincts favor in God of War Ragnarok. This favor is located in Midgard and involves defeating the Raider Chief Oluf Nautson and his Kol Raider Camps. Keep reading for a walkthrough, rewards, and tips on how to complete this favor.

  • Favor Rewards
  • Starting the Favor
  • Kol Raider Camps
  • Defeating Oluf Nautson

Favor Rewards

  1. Kratos XP: 1,000,
  2. Companion XP: 250,
  3. Token of Elemental Evasion – Amulet Enchantment,

Starting the Favor

The Animal Instincts favor becomes available after completing the 9th main quest – The Word of Fate. Once you return to Midgard with Freya, you can explore the entire realm. The favor begins after clearing one of the four Kol Raider Camps.

Kol Raider Camps

Eliminating all the enemies in one of the Kol Raiders\’ camps will reveal the other camps\’ locations on the Midgard map. You can use objects in the camp, such as boulders or bombs, to help you in the battles. Remember to watch out for ranged attacks from enemies hiding on higher ground.

Defeating Oluf Nautson

After clearing all the Raider Camps, you will face Oluf Nautson, the Raider Chief. He wields a long, flaming weapon, but he is slow and predictable. Use Kratos\’ runic attacks and Spartan Rage to deal maximum damage, and stay close to Oluf to interrupt his healing attempts. Kratos\’ shield can also be used to stun Oluf when he\’s vulnerable.

Once you defeat Oluf Nautson, return to the wolves to complete the Animal Instincts favor and earn your rewards.


What is the Animal Instincts favor in God of War Ragnarok?

The Animal Instincts favor in God of War Ragnarok is a quest that tasks Kratos and Atreus with finding and defeating three legendary beasts. These beasts are the Bear of the Blue Mountains, the Dragon of the North, and the Giant Turtle of the Western Sea. The quest can be started by speaking to the hunter in the Veithurgard area, and completing it rewards the player with valuable resources and a new set of armor.

What is the walkthrough for the Animal Instincts favor in God of War Ragnarok?

The walkthrough for the Animal Instincts favor in God of War Ragnarok involves traveling to three different locations and defeating the legendary beasts that reside there. The first location is in the Blue Mountains, where Kratos and Atreus will face off against the Bear of the Blue Mountains. The second location is in the North, where they will fight the Dragon of the North. Finally, they will travel to the Western Sea to take on the Giant Turtle of the Western Sea.

To defeat these beasts, players will need to use all of their combat skills and weapons. Each beast has its own unique abilities and weaknesses, so players will need to adapt their strategy accordingly. Once all three beasts have been defeated, the favor will be complete, and players will be rewarded with valuable resources and the new armor set.

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