God of War Ragnarok: Alfheim Interactive Map

Get a complete guide to God of War Ragnarok with this interactive map that covers Alfheim. It shows all the locations of collectibles and secrets, including Nornir Chests, Lore, Artefacts, and Odin\’s Ravens. Plus, you\’ll find quest locations, optional activities, and Mystic Gateways. Using this guide will help you complete Alfheim with 100% success.

Explore the land of elves with our high-quality interactive map of Alfheim. We\’ve marked all the important locations, including secrets and collectibles, side activities, favors, and Mystic Gateways. Our map makes it easy to complete Alfheim with 100% success.

  • First visit to Alfheim in the main story
  • Collectibles and side activities
  • Hidden areas

First Visit to Alfheim in the Main Story

Alfheim is one of the nine worlds you can explore in God of War Ragnarok. It\’s the land of both light and dark elves. You\’ll visit it for the first time during the Groa\’s Secret main quest. The game will guide you along a pre-determined route, limiting optional exploration. You\’ll gain more freedom after leaving the Light Well and completing the main mission.

Note that not all areas of Alfheim are accessible right away. Some require progress in the story, such as obtaining a spear for exploration.

Collectibles and Side Activities

While exploring Alfheim, you\’ll find various secrets, including artifacts, lore, Odin\’s Ravens, Nornir Chests, and Legendary Chests. You\’ll also have access to optional activities, such as Yggdrasil Rifts, Draugr Holes, and Berserker Gravestones.

Hidden Areas

After completing the Groa\’s Secret quest, you\’ll gain access to new regions of Alfheim. The Canyons lead to the Wastelands, a larger desert area that you can explore on foot or with a sled. It offers new side quests, activities, and collectibles. Another optional area is the Alfheim Desert, which you can visit during the Elven Sanctuary side quest.


1. What is Alfheim in God of War Ragnarok?

Alfheim is one of the nine realms in God of War Ragnarok, based on Norse mythology. It is the realm of the light elves, and it is a beautiful, lush place filled with natural wonders and magical creatures. The light elves are friendly to Kratos and Atreus, and they help them on their journey through the realm. The main objective in Alfheim is to retrieve the light of Alfheim, which has been stolen by the dark elves. This will require Kratos and Atreus to explore the realm, solve puzzles, and defeat enemies.

2. What can players expect from the interactive map of Alfheim?

The interactive map of Alfheim in God of War Ragnarok allows players to explore the realm in detail and discover all its secrets. The map is filled with markers that indicate points of interest, such as treasure chests, shortcuts, and puzzles. Players can use the map to plan their route and make sure they don\’t miss anything important. The map also includes information about enemies, including their strength and weaknesses. This can be helpful for players who want to prepare for battles and make sure they have the right equipment and skills.

3. How does Alfheim compare to other realms in God of War Ragnarok?

Alfheim is one of the smaller realms in God of War Ragnarok, but it is also one of the most beautiful and unique. Unlike other realms, which are often dark and foreboding, Alfheim is bright and colorful, with a sense of wonder and magic. The puzzles and enemies in Alfheim are also unique and challenging, requiring players to use all their skills and knowledge to progress. Overall, Alfheim is a welcome change of pace from the other realms, and it offers a refreshing and enjoyable experience for players.

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