General Information about The Courtyard Area in Darkest Dungeons Crimson Court DLC

This guide provides information about the Courtyard, a new area introduced in the Crimson Court DLC of Darkest Dungeon. Unlike other areas, the Courtyard\’s layout is hidden at the beginning and is revealed only when players reach the end of the route. The area is vast and consists of numerous rooms connected by long corridors filled with enemies and curios.

Players are not expected to explore the entire area in one go and can leave and reenter it without suffering stress damage. The previously explored area remains cleared, allowing players to continue their exploration from where they left off.

  • Increasing Infestation and entering the Courtyard
  • Characteristics of the Courtyard area

Increasing Infestation and Entering the Courtyard

The Infestation level can be checked in the upper left corner of the screen.

Players can enter the Courtyard after three weeks by completing a simple quest that requires destroying three nests. However, they cannot enter it again until they receive an invitation.

The invitation is dropped by Gatekeeper foes, but players must first increase the Infestation level of their estate. The level can be checked on the embark map and has three stages: Low, Medium, and High. The High stage is reached after about 15 weeks and enables players to encounter Gatekeepers who drop invitations.

Each invitation allows players to enter the Courtyard once, and they can acquire multiple invitations before entering. However, they must use a new invitation each time they leave and reenter the area.

Characteristics of the Courtyard Area

The Courtyard is a vast area filled with dozens of rooms connected by long corridors. It is infested with various enemies and curios, and players are not expected to explore it all in one go. They can leave and reenter the area without suffering stress damage, and the previously explored area remains cleared.

  1. Heroes can leave the Courtyard without any negative effects, such as stress damage.
  2. If a different party has the necessary invitation, they can enter the Courtyard at any time and start where the previous party left off.
  3. For every section of the corridor a party passes through, a random hero will receive 1 point of stress damage, regardless of whether it was previously explored.
  4. Firewood cannot be given to a party before starting a mission in the Courtyard, but it can be found in one of the Curios.
  5. It is not recommended to attempt to reach the boss in one go as the areas are very large. It is better to clear the area and leave the Courtyard just before the boss fight. This way, a fresh party can enter the area.
  6. The light level in the Courtyard is always at 100 points. Trinkets that require a certain amount of light will still function, but those that require the light to be below 100 points will not work.
  7. Torches are still valuable in the Courtyard, despite the light level always being at 100 points. They can be used to lower a hero\’s stress and to clear obstacles. Going through an obstacle without a Torch will cause damage, stress damage, and move the entire party to a random location in the Courtyard.


What is The Crimson Court?

The Crimson Court is an expansion for the game Darkest Dungeon that introduces a new area called The Courtyard. This area is infested with vampiric enemies and introduces a new mechanic called the Crimson Curse. The expansion also adds new playable characters, bosses, and loot.

What is The Courtyard?

The Courtyard is a new area in Darkest Dungeon that is part of The Crimson Court expansion. It is infested with vampiric enemies and has a unique aesthetic. The area is accessible once you have completed a quest to gain access to it. The Courtyard has its own set of missions and bosses.

What is the Crimson Curse?

The Crimson Curse is a new mechanic introduced in The Crimson Court expansion. It is a disease that can be contracted by your heroes while exploring The Courtyard. The Crimson Curse has various negative effects on your heroes, but can also grant them powerful abilities if managed correctly. It can be cured by completing specific missions or using special items.

What new content does The Crimson Court expansion add?

The Crimson Court expansion adds a significant amount of new content to Darkest Dungeon. In addition to the new area and enemies in The Courtyard, it introduces new playable characters, bosses, and loot. It also adds the Crimson Curse mechanic and a new difficulty level called Bloodmoon. The expansion is designed to be challenging even for experienced players of the base game.

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