Fractured Peaks Strongholds Map for Diablo 4

If you want to explore and cleanse evil places, Strongholds are the perfect choice for you. This page includes a map and guide for all Strongholds located in the Shattered Peaks area of Diablo 4.

Clearing strongholds will not only get you valuable loot and Renown, but it will also impact the game world. With our guide, you will learn where to find these areas in the Fractured Peaks and what character level is required to tackle them.

  • All Strongholds – Fractured Peaks
  • Nostrava stronghold
  • Kor Dragan stronghold
  • Malnok stronghold

All Strongholds – Fractured Peaks

The map above shows the location of the Strongholds in the Fractured Peaks. Below you will find more detailed information about each of them.

Nostrava stronghold

Related map marker: Nostrava Stronghold @ Diablo 4 Interactive Map

  1. 1 – Nostrava stronghold is located to the west of Kyovashad town. After completing it, you will unlock Waypoints.
  2. Required experience level: 20

Kor Dragan stronghold

Related map marker: Kor Dragan Stronghold @ Diablo 4 Interactive Map

  1. 2 – Kor Dragan stronghold is situated in the northern part of the map and is the most challenging of the three available strongholds in the Fractured Peaks.
  2. Required experience level: 25

Malnok stronghold

Related map marker: Malnok Stronghold @ Diablo 4 Interactive Map

  1. 3 – Malnok stronghold is located to the east of Kyovashad. You must stop the blizzard to complete your task.
  2. Required experience level: 20


1. What is Strongholds map in Diablo 4?

Strongholds map is one of the new features in Diablo 4, where players will have to defend their base against waves of enemies. The map is divided into zones, and each zone has a different objective that players need to complete to progress to the next zone. In Fractured Peaks, the first zone of the Strongholds map, players will need to defend their base against waves of enemies while also collecting resources to upgrade their defenses. The enemies will become stronger and more numerous with each wave, so players will need to strategize and work together to survive.

2. What are the challenges in Fractured Peaks?

Fractured Peaks is the first zone of the Strongholds map in Diablo 4, and it poses several challenges for players. The map is set in a snowy environment, which limits visibility and mobility, making it difficult for players to spot enemies and move around the map. Players will also need to collect resources, such as wood and stone, to upgrade their defenses, which can be challenging as resources are limited and enemies will try to destroy them. Additionally, the enemies in Fractured Peaks are tough and varied, with some having special abilities that can make them even more challenging to defeat.

3. How can players prepare for Fractured Peaks?

Players can prepare for Fractured Peaks in several ways. First, they should make sure to equip themselves with the best gear possible to increase their chances of survival. They should also familiarize themselves with the layout of the map and the various objectives they need to complete. Additionally, players should work together and communicate effectively to coordinate their defenses and take down the waves of enemies. Finally, players should prioritize collecting resources to upgrade their defenses, as this will be crucial in the later waves when the enemies become stronger and more numerous.

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