Finding Underworld Icons in The Forgotten City

This guide aims to help you find the underworld icons in The Forgotten City, which are necessary to unlock the Underworld Explorer Achievement. You\’ll need to locate four statues: Sisyphus, Tantalus, Iksyon, and one of the women from the Belide group.

Once you have found all four statues, you will unlock the Underworld Explorer Achievement.


The statue of Sisyphus is easily recognizable and visible. You\’ll come across it when you visit the great temple, either to speak with Octavia or Ulpius. The statue is located in front of a large boulder.


You\’ll find this statue in the water. The easiest way to reach it is by jumping from the zip-line. Your character will land in the water, and you\’ll need to dive and swim to the golden statue.

You may accidentally fall into this tank while trying to achieve the Match-maker Achievement, which we\’ve described in a separate page of our guide.


You\’ll come across this golden statue often during gameplay. Just run down the stairs leading to the market, and you\’ll find it on a small green area next to the fountain. In this area, you may also encounter Rufius frequently.


You can reach this statue by entering the cave located just behind the theater. Once inside, turn left, climb the stairs, and follow the light source.


What are Underworld icons in The Forgotten City?

Underworld icons are collectibles in The Forgotten City that can be found in various locations throughout the game. There are a total of 16 icons to find, each representing one of the 16 sins that the ancient Roman city was destroyed for. These sins include things like greed, pride, and wrath. Finding all of the Underworld icons is not necessary to complete the game, but it can provide additional lore and backstory to the world of The Forgotten City.

How can I find Underworld icons in The Forgotten City?

Finding Underworld icons in The Forgotten City requires some exploration and puzzle-solving. Many of them are hidden in hard-to-reach places, or require the player to solve a puzzle or complete a task in order to access them. Some Underworld icons are also only available during certain parts of the game, so it\’s important to explore thoroughly and pay attention to any clues or hints that the game provides. Additionally, some Underworld icons can only be obtained by making certain choices or completing certain quests, so it\’s important to pay attention to dialogue and interact with all of the characters in the game to ensure that no opportunities are missed.

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