Finders Fee | Reapers Coast

This is a guide and walkthrough for Divinity Original Sin 2.

When you reach Sawmill, you will encounter the spirit of Paladin Everhart.

During the conversation, he will ask you to retrieve the head of Mummy Dearest. If you accept the task, you will need to defeat the mummy and retrieve its head. The fight will be challenging, particularly on lower levels. The mummy can knock down your entire team if they are standing too close to each other.

Note: Do not consume the head. Just avoid eating the mummy\’s head, please.

After completing the fight, return to Paladin Everhart and he will ask you to take the head to Paladin Hardwin. He will then disappear. Paladin Hardwin can be found at the Palladin\’s Bridge. Speak to him and claim your reward.

Reward: 4175 experience points, Gold, and a War-Owl Whistle.


What is a Finder\’s Fee in Reaper\’s Coast?

A Finder\’s Fee in Reaper\’s Coast is a reward that a player can receive for returning lost items to their rightful owners. These lost items can be found scattered throughout the Reaper\’s Coast region, and they are marked with a glowing aura that distinguishes them from other items. Once a player picks up a lost item, they can check their inventory to see if there is a clue about the owner\’s identity. If they can figure out who the owner is, they can return the item to them and receive a Finder\’s Fee in return.

How do I get a Finder\’s Fee in Reaper\’s Coast?

To get a Finder\’s Fee in Reaper\’s Coast, a player must first find a lost item and figure out who the owner is. Once they have returned the item to its rightful owner, they will receive a reward in the form of gold, items, or experience points. The reward amount varies depending on the item and the owner, but it is usually a substantial amount that is worth the effort of finding the lost item. Additionally, completing quests and helping NPCs in Reaper\’s Coast can also lead to Finder\’s Fees, as many of these tasks involve recovering lost items or helping people find their missing possessions.

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