Exploring the Ruins in Darkest Dungeon

If you\’re new to Darkest Dungeon, the Ruins is the first area you\’ll explore. It\’s also the easiest area in the game, with enemies that deal physical damage and only one enemy that inflicts stress. The area is home to two bosses: the Necromancer and the Prophet.

Choosing Your Team

When venturing into the Ruins, it\’s recommended that you choose:

  • Crusader or a pair of Crusaders – they deal increased damage to Unholy enemies, all of which are found in the Ruins.
  • Hellion – her attacks allow her to reach all ranks and deal brutal damage, making her ideal for this area.
  • Vestal – one of her abilities deals increased damage to Unholy enemies, making her a good choice for this area.
  • Plague Doctor – enemies in the Ruins have low resistance to blight, making the Plague Doctor effective against them. Her Battlefield Medicine also negates the only damage over time effect (bleeding) that the enemies can inflict.
  • Grave Digger – with high speed, the Grave Digger can take out the Bone Courtier (which deals a lot of stress damage) before the enemy can even move.
  • Abomination – after transforming, the Abomination can reach the 3rd rank of the enemy team where the most dangerous enemies (such as the Bone Courtier) often stand.
  • Occultist/Bounty Hunter – pulling enemies from the back rank to the front prevents them from using their stress abilities, making the encounter easier.

Heroes that are not recommended for this area:

  • Hound Master – his damage relies on bleeding, which the enemies in the Ruins are immune to.
  • Jester – most encounters in the Ruins end quickly, making the effects of his songs not worth the effort. Additionally, two of his attacks inflict bleeding which the enemies are immune to.


Type Short mission Medium mission Long mission
Food 12 16-18 18-24
Torches 8-9 14-16 16-18
Skeleton Keys 1 2 3-4
Shovels 1-2 2 2-3
Holy Water 2 3 4
Bandages 1 2 2-3
Antivenom 0 0 0
Medicinal Herbs 1 1-2 2-3

The most crucial item to bring with you to the Ruins is Holy Water, as it can be used on many different Curios. It\’s also wise to pack a couple of bandages in case enemies inflict significant bleeding damage on your characters. However, there\’s no need to bring antivenom, as none of the enemies have blight attacks, and there are no Curios that require it.

Dangerous Enemies to Look Out For

Several enemies pose a significant threat while exploring the Ruins, including:

  • Bone Courtier – This bony, strange-looking enemy wields a dagger and a chalice and is the most dangerous foe in the Ruins. He\’s incredibly fast, usually acting first, and his attacks increase a hero\’s stress levels by 15 points. You should either eliminate him immediately or move him to the 1st or 2nd rank, where he can\’t use his chalice and is forced to use his weak dagger.
  • Bone Arbalist – This enemy\’s Quarrel attack is the most dangerous aspect, as it can critically hit and deal more than a third of your character\’s health. If there are no Bone Courtiers present, he should be your top priority.
  • Gargoyle – Gargoyles might not hit the hardest, but they possess some of the most frustrating abilities in the game, such as stunning or pushing two of your heroes to the backline. They have little health, but are incredibly fast and have one of the highest protect values in the game. As they\’re essentially immune to bleeding, a Plague Doctor\’s blight attacks are the best way to deal with them.

Some enemies can appear in any location and should be eliminated or dealt with as soon as possible:

The Cultist Acolyte is an enemy similar to the Bone Courtier from the Ruins. Although he does not deal much damage, he can cause a lot of stress to a hero and moves very quickly. It is important to eliminate him or pull him to the front rank as soon as possible. The Brigand Fusilier is a fast enemy who can attack the whole team from the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th position. If there are no stress-dealing enemies, he should be taken out quickly. The Madman is the most dangerous enemy, with low health but high dodge, speed, and two stress-inducing attacks. His Doomsay can hit the entire team, so he should be dealt with immediately. The Ghoul is similar to the Madman, capable of affecting the whole team with stress, stun, or disease. He has high protection, so stunning or inflicting bleeding and blight is the best way to defeat him. Using the Hound Master\’s mark can also decrease his protection.


What is Darkest Dungeon: Ruins?

Darkest Dungeon: Ruins is a DLC expansion for the popular game, Darkest Dungeon. The Ruins expansion adds a new area, the Ruins, to the game. This area is filled with new enemies, treasures, and challenges for players to face. In addition to the new content, the Ruins expansion also adds new camping skills, trinkets, and quirks for players to discover and use.

How do I access the Ruins area in Darkest Dungeon?

To access the Ruins area in Darkest Dungeon, players must first defeat the first boss, the Necromancer. Once the Necromancer is defeated, players will be able to embark on expeditions to the Ruins area. The Ruins can be accessed from the Hamlet, just like the other areas in the game.

What kind of enemies can I expect to face in the Ruins?

The Ruins area is home to a variety of enemies, including undead warriors, cultists, and eldritch horrors. These enemies have unique abilities and weaknesses, and players will need to adapt their strategies to defeat them. Some enemies in the Ruins are also resistant to certain types of attacks, so players will need to bring a well-rounded party to succeed.

What rewards can I expect to find in the Ruins area?

The Ruins area is filled with treasures and valuable items for players to discover. Players can find gold, gems, and rare trinkets that can enhance their party\’s abilities. There are also unique boss battles in the Ruins that offer powerful rewards for players who can emerge victorious. However, the Ruins are also dangerous, and players may lose valuable heroes or items if they are not careful.

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