Exploring Ofiers Distant Shores

A Guide to The Witcher 3

Speak to the Ofieri Merchant

Begin your quest by speaking to the Ofieri merchant (M1,6) located east of Brunwich village. He will provide you with a mission to retrieve four stolen diagrams, which will lead you to obtaining Ofieri gear and the I Wore Ofieri Before It Was Cool trophy. The quest can also be activated by discovering one of the diagrams during your world exploration.

The Ransacked Wagon

In the northern part of the marked territory, near the road, you will come across a ransacked wagon and a nearby trail. Follow the trail to find a corpse, and continue further to discover the hidden entrance leading underground.

The Hidden Hatch

Once inside, you will encounter four opponents (level 34), whom you must defeat in order to access the chest containing the second diagram, as well as clues about the next one and Superior Beast Oil.

The Tent with the Diagram

The remaining three camps (M1,7) can be visited in any order. In one of them, located in old ruins on the eastern part of the map, you will face a large group of 10 opponents. The chest containing the diagram can be found in a white tent.

The Chest in the Hut

At the northern edge of the map lies the second camp, guarded by four opponents. The diagram can be found in a chest inside the hut, along with the diagram for the Order of the Flaming Rose sword.

The Camp in the South

One of the camps is situated south of the quest giver\’s location (M1,7). This camp has six bandits at levels 33-34 and holds a chest with the final diagram.

Once you have collected all four diagrams, return to the quest giver. He will ask you to return the following day, as he prepares a copy of the diagrams for you, which will include Ofieri Boots, Ofieri Scale Armor, Ofieri Gauntlets, and Ofieri Sharovary.


What is \”From Ofier\’s Distant Shores\”?

\”From Ofier\’s Distant Shores\” is an expansion for the popular role-playing game, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It introduces a new storyline, quests, characters, and locations, all inspired by the distant land of Ofier. The expansion is available as a downloadable content (DLC) and can be purchased separately or as part of the game\’s season pass.

What new features does \”From Ofier\’s Distant Shores\” offer?

Aside from the new storyline and quests, \”From Ofier\’s Distant Shores\” also introduces new gameplay mechanics, items, and enemies. Players can now craft and upgrade their own gear with the new runes and glyphs system. They can also engage in new contracts and treasure hunts, and explore the new region of Ofier, which includes the city of Upper Mill and the ruins of an ancient elven temple. Furthermore, the expansion features a new faction, the Ofieri, and a new romance option for Geralt, the main character.

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