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In this section of our guide to Batman: Arkham Knight, we will explain how to infiltrate Scarecrow\’s hideout. This site is investigated during the first phase of the main plot.

Access the hideout through the glass roof.

Go to the hideout marked on the map. The best way to enter is by breaking the glass roof. This will allow you to surprise the henchmen. Once inside, follow the game\’s instructions and use a Smoke Pellet. Take out all the enemies (be careful of the thug who charges – you can stop him with a Batarang) and watch a cutscene with Poison Ivy.


1. What is Scarecrow\’s safehouse in Batman Arkham Knight?

Scarecrow\’s safehouse is a location in the game Batman Arkham Knight. It is a hideout where the villain Scarecrow operates from, and it is heavily guarded by his loyal followers. Batman must infiltrate the safehouse in order to gather information on Scarecrow\’s plans and stop him from carrying out his evil schemes.

2. How do I find Scarecrow\’s safehouse?

To find Scarecrow\’s safehouse, players must complete a series of missions and tasks in the game. The safehouse is located in the abandoned Panessa Studios building, which can be accessed through a hidden entrance in the nearby Grand Avenue subway station. Players must use Batman\’s detective skills and gadgets to navigate through the building and reach the safehouse.

3. What challenges will I face in Scarecrow\’s safehouse?

Players will face numerous challenges when infiltrating Scarecrow\’s safehouse, including heavily armed guards, traps, and puzzles. The safehouse is heavily fortified, so players must use their wits and Batman\’s abilities to overcome these obstacles. In addition, Scarecrow himself may appear at any moment, adding an extra level of danger to the mission.

4. What rewards can I expect from completing the Scarecrow\’s safehouse mission?

Completing Scarecrow\’s safehouse mission will yield valuable rewards, including new gadgets and upgrades for Batman\’s suit. In addition, players will gain important intel on Scarecrow\’s plans, which will aid in the overall mission to stop him. Overall, completing the safehouse mission is a crucial part of the game\’s main story and will lead to a satisfying conclusion.

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