Essential Skills for Every Hero in Divinity Original Sin 2

A walkthrough guide for Divinity Original Sin 2

This section of the Divinity Original Sin 2 guide is dedicated to the basic abilities that are available to all heroes from the start. However, some of these skills may require additional equipment to be used effectively.

These skills cannot be found in the main interface, but can only be accessed through the contextual interface on specific objects such as backpack items, doors, chests, etc. The range of available options for each object can differ, and only the contextual menu can determine which skills can be used.

Since these are basic abilities that are identical for all heroes, they do not require memory points or adding them to any of the templates. The exception to this is abilities related to weapons (such as magic staffs or two-handed weapons) that can be added or removed from your skill tab using the tome of skills (K key).

The following table explains these skills:





Disarm Trap


A useful skill that requires trap disarm tools. It can help you avoid various dangers that you may face during your adventures.



This skill requires a lock pick, which is not commonly found. It is advisable to buy them whenever possible, as they are essential. It is best to save the game before attempting to open a chest, as failure may break the tool. It is recommended to let a character with high Thievery deal with all the locks.



Some neutral characters will react negatively if you approach them with your weapon drawn. By default, your weapon will be hidden when not in battle, but you can draw it whenever you want by using the appropriate buttons described in the game controls section.

Attack Ground


This skill allows you to attack the ground or objects that you cannot open, usually doors and chests. However, if the object\’s durability does not change after the first blow, you will not be able to destroy it this way.

End Turn


Ending your turn allows you to save remaining AP for your next round, which is especially useful when you have a good position but your enemies are out of reach. Wait for one turn and perform more activities when possible. The maximum number of AP one can have at the start of a turn is 6, so calculate how many AP your character has and save enough to reach a total of 6.



Sneaking allows you to move past enemies unnoticed by transforming into an object from the environment. The effectiveness of this skill depends on its level.



If your hero is about to be defeated, using the Flee skill will transport them to the nearest chapel for regeneration. However, be aware that any status effects will continue to affect you for a set amount of time after fleeing. Additionally, you can only use this skill if your hero is not engaged in close combat, although the Escapist skill can help with this issue.



The Guard skill increases your defensive abilities but also delays your turn. This can be useful when you have limited options and want to wait for your allies or opponents to make a move.



By using an identifying glass, you can identify items in the game. However, this skill is more effective if your hero has a high level of Loremaster.



To repair your gear, you will need repair tools. If you don\’t have any, neutral characters can also help with repairs.

Staff of Magus


The Staff of Magus skill allows you to use a beam of energy that can bypass your opponent\’s armor. The amount of damage it can generate depends on the staff\’s element. This skill is particularly effective for mages who fight at a distance and works well with the Necromancer skill as it can heal your hero.


What are some basic skills in Divinity Original Sin 2?

Divinity Original Sin 2 is a complex RPG game, but there are some basic skills that every player should have. One of the most important skills is \’Restoration\’ which allows players to heal their characters and remove negative effects. \’Teleportation\’ is another useful skill that lets players move their characters to different locations on the battlefield. \’Haste\’ is a great skill that increases a character\’s speed and allows them to move further during their turn. Finally, \’Rain\’ is a skill that creates a water surface and can be used to extinguish fires or electrify enemies.

How can I acquire new skills in Divinity Original Sin 2?

There are a few ways to acquire new skills in Divinity Original Sin 2. One way is to level up your characters, which will give you skill points to spend on new abilities. Another way is to find skill books throughout the game world. These books can be purchased from vendors or found as loot. Once you have a skill book, you can use it to learn a new skill. Finally, some characters in the game have unique skills that can be learned by speaking with them or completing quests for them.

What are some useful combat skills in Divinity Original Sin 2?

There are many combat skills in Divinity Original Sin 2, but some of the most useful include \’Chloroform\’ which puts enemies to sleep, \’Chicken Claw\’ which turns enemies into chickens, and \’Bless\’ which can remove negative effects from characters and surfaces. \’Electric Discharge\’ is a great skill for dealing damage to multiple enemies at once, while \’Throw Dust\’ can blind enemies and reduce their accuracy. Finally, \’Fortify\’ is a great defensive skill that can be used to increase a character\’s armor and resistances.

Can I respec my characters in Divinity Original Sin 2?

Yes, it is possible to respec your characters in Divinity Original Sin 2. To do this, you will need to find a character named \’The Magic Mirror\’ who is located on the Lady Vengeance ship. The Magic Mirror will allow you to respec your characters\’ abilities, attributes, talents, and even appearance. However, this service does cost gold, with the price increasing each time you use it. It\’s a good idea to think carefully before respeccing your characters, as it can be an expensive process.

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