Escape from ACE Chemicals in Batman Arkham Knight Main Story

Batman: Arkham Knight Guide

In this section of our game guide for Batman: Arkham Knight, we provide a comprehensive guide on how to escape from ACE Chemicals. The use of Batmobile is essential in this mission, and you will need to use its remote control, winch, and nitro afterburner features.

Use the Winch to bring down a wall

After regaining control of Batman, activate the Batmobile Remote Control. Switch to Battle Mode and use the Winch on the interactive object on one of the walls. Reverse and wait for the wall to crumble. Enter the Batmobile and drive out of the factory. Remember to use the Afterburner when you\’re outside to jump across the broken part of the bridge.

Note – You can now see the location of Augmented Reality challenges on your map. You don\’t necessarily have to complete them to finish the main story.


1. What is the \”Escape ACE Chemicals\” mission in Batman Arkham Knight?

The \”Escape ACE Chemicals\” mission is a part of the main story campaign in Batman Arkham Knight. It is a critical turning point in the game\’s plot, as it involves the rescue of several key characters from the clutches of the Joker and the Scarecrow. During the mission, the player controls Batman as he navigates his way through the ACE Chemicals plant, fighting off waves of enemies and solving puzzles to progress through the facility. Ultimately, the mission culminates in a tense encounter with the Joker, which sets the stage for the game\’s climactic finale.

2. What makes the \”Escape ACE Chemicals\” mission challenging?

The \”Escape ACE Chemicals\” mission is widely regarded as one of the most challenging sections of Batman Arkham Knight. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, the mission takes place in a sprawling, complex environment that can be difficult to navigate. Secondly, the enemies the player faces during the mission are some of the toughest in the game, including heavily armed soldiers and powerful villains like the Arkham Knight and the Scarecrow. Finally, the mission is designed to be a test of the player\’s skills, requiring them to use all of the tools at their disposal to overcome the obstacles in their way.

3. How does the \”Escape ACE Chemicals\” mission fit into the overall story of Batman Arkham Knight?

The \”Escape ACE Chemicals\” mission is a critical part of the overall story of Batman Arkham Knight. It marks the point at which the game\’s plot begins to escalate, with the Joker and the Scarecrow launching a full-scale attack on Gotham City. The events of the mission also have a profound impact on Batman and his allies, setting the stage for their ultimate confrontation with the game\’s villains. Overall, the \”Escape ACE Chemicals\” mission is a pivotal moment in the game\’s narrative, and plays a crucial role in the player\’s understanding of the story and its characters.

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