Endling: World Map

This is a guide for Endling that includes a walkthrough. We have created an interactive world map that shows all the important places and items in the game, such as the Easter egg, deer meat, and fox cub skills.

The world map we have prepared for Endling includes the locations of various items, such as the Easter egg, deer meat, potato chips, mushrooms, and a candy bar. We have also marked the places where you can acquire young foxes\’ skills and unlock trophies.

  • Lairs
  • Skills
  • Trophies
  • Food
  • Shortcuts
  • Easter egg


The blue house icons on the map show the locations of the 3 lairs that you will discover as you progress through the game. However, the first lair\’s location will be destroyed after some time, making it unusable.


The green paw icon on the map represents the skills of young foxes. In Endling, you can unlock up to 8 abilities, some of which you will gain as you complete the main storyline. The other skills are scattered throughout the game, and we have marked their locations on the map we created.

If you want to learn more about these abilities, you can visit our \”Cub skills – how to unlock?\” page.


On our map, we have marked the places where you can unlock 2 trophies with a question mark or an Event icon. To learn more about other trophies and how to unlock them, you can visit our \”Trophies/Achievements\” page.


The meat icons on the map indicate where you can find specific types of food in Endling. It is necessary to find all the types of food to unlock the Omnivore trophy.


Later in the game, you will gain access to shortcuts that are marked on the map as a badger\’s head. These shortcuts will help you move quickly through areas and escape from danger.

Easter egg

The Easter egg in Endling can be found in a bird\’s nest in the southwestern region of the map. However, you will need the Dangle skill to get it and feed it to your young.


1. What is Endling: World map?

Endling: World map is a game that challenges players to save endangered species from extinction. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world where the last of the Earth\’s species are on the brink of extinction. As a player, you must explore the world and collect DNA samples to save the endangered species. You will encounter various challenges and obstacles along the way, such as pollution, climate change, and poaching.

2. How do you play Endling: World map?

To play Endling: World map, you must first choose an animal to save. You will then explore the world and collect DNA samples to help save the species. The game is played in levels, and each level presents new challenges and obstacles. You must navigate through the levels, avoiding dangers such as pollution and poaching, and collecting DNA samples. As you progress through the game, you will unlock new animals to save and new abilities to help you on your journey.

3. What kind of animals can you save in Endling: World map?

Endling: World map features a variety of endangered species that players can save. These include animals such as the African Elephant, the Bengal Tiger, the Giant Panda, and the Polar Bear. Each animal has its own unique abilities and challenges, making the game exciting and challenging for players of all ages.

4. What is the goal of Endling: World map?

The goal of Endling: World map is to save as many endangered species as possible from extinction. By collecting DNA samples and navigating through the levels, players can help protect these animals from the dangers that threaten their existence. The game also aims to raise awareness about the importance of conservation and the need to protect our planet\’s biodiversity.

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