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In this section of our Batman: Arkham Knight game guide, we will explain how to encounter Oracle at the Clock Tower. Batman needs to climb the tower and locate an interactive chest piece.

Activate detective mode to find the scanner.

To progress with the main plot, exit GCPD. The only way out is in the east side of the building, leading to the parking lot where you left your vehicle.

Get into the Batmobile and drive towards the Clock Tower. Along the way, Lucius Fox will contact you and inform you that the booster is now operational. Once you reach the Clock Tower, exit the Batmobile and use the grappling hook to climb to the top. Press the interaction key/button to enter the Tower. Turn on detective mode and locate the bust that doubles as a scanner. Approach the Batcomputer and use it. Watch the cut-scene about meeting Oracle.


What is \”Meet Oracle at the Clock Tower\” in Batman Arkham Knight?

In Batman Arkham Knight, \”Meet Oracle at the Clock Tower\” is a main story mission where Batman must meet with his ally, Oracle, at the Clock Tower in order to further the plot. Oracle provides Batman with important information and helps him navigate through the city to complete various objectives. This mission is a pivotal point in the game\’s story and sets the stage for the events that follow.

Why is the Clock Tower important in Batman Arkham Knight?

The Clock Tower is an important location in Batman Arkham Knight as it serves as the base of operations for Batman and his allies. Oracle, who provides crucial intel and support throughout the game, is located at the Clock Tower. Additionally, the Clock Tower houses various tools and equipment that Batman can use to upgrade his abilities and gadgets. As such, the Clock Tower is a vital hub for Batman to gather information and resources as he fights to save Gotham City.

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