Eliminating the Militia Forces at the Clock Tower | Main Campaign

Batman: Arkham Knight Guide

In this section of our guide to Batman: Arkham Knight, we will show you how to take down the militia forces guarding the Clock Tower. You can either use your Batmobile or engage in direct combat as Batman to defeat your enemies.

Destroy all the tanks near the Clock Tower.

After conversing with Alfred, head towards the Clock Tower. You will encounter several enemy tanks along the way. There are approximately twelve of them, and it is essential to avoid getting surrounded by the vehicles as dodging missiles might be difficult. Once you have dealt with the tanks, talk to Gordon and proceed to your Batmobile.

You can opt for a stealthy approach while eliminating the thugs.

Before heading to the top of the tower, you must deal with the thugs in the surrounding area. Use Detective Mode to locate them quickly. There are six armed enemies, and one among them is a medic. It is advisable to eliminate them quietly, one by one, without alerting the others. You can achieve this by sneaking up from behind or dropping down from the ventilation shaft. However, keep in mind that Arkham Knight will alert his subordinates about your presence after you eliminate a few of them. This will make the remaining enemies more vigilant for a while.


1. What is the Clock Tower mission in the game?

The Clock Tower mission is a main story mission in the game where the player is tasked with taking out the militia forces guarding the Clock Tower. The Clock Tower is a heavily fortified location in the game and the player needs to use all their skills to infiltrate the location and eliminate the enemies. The mission is a crucial part of the game\’s storyline and completing it successfully is necessary to progress in the game.

2. What are some tips for completing the Clock Tower mission?

There are several tips that players can use to successfully complete the Clock Tower mission. Firstly, it is important to scout the area and identify all the enemy positions before attempting to infiltrate the location. Secondly, players should use stealth and take out enemies one by one to avoid alerting the rest of the guards. Thirdly, the player should use the environment to their advantage and use cover and obstacles to avoid detection. Lastly, players should be patient and take their time to avoid making any mistakes that could alert the guards.

3. What are the rewards for completing the Clock Tower mission?

Completing the Clock Tower mission rewards players with experience points and unlocks new weapons and abilities that can be used in the game. It also progresses the game\’s storyline and unlocks new missions and locations for the player to explore. The rewards for completing the mission depend on the player\’s performance and how they approach the mission. Players who complete the mission without being detected and without killing any enemies will receive a higher reward compared to those who use brute force to eliminate the enemies.

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