Elden Ring: Understanding the Tombstone Icon

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On this particular page of the Elden Ring guide, you will gain knowledge about the tombstone icon and its usage.

This page of the Elden Ring guide explains the meaning of the tombstone icon that appears on the left side of the screen and how to acquire an item that responds to it.

  • What does the tombstone icon signify?
  • How to summon?
  • When does the tombstone icon appear?

What does the tombstone icon signify?

The tombstone icon that appears on the left side of the screen indicates that you can use ashes to call for reinforcements. The type of ashes you possess and your mana reserve influence the summoning process, since you need to spend mana to summon someone.

How to summon?

To unlock the ability to summon spirits, you must go to the Church of Elleh after obtaining a whistle that summons your mount. Rest at a Site of Grace and choose night as the time of day. Renna the Witch will appear. Talk to her and confirm that you can summon a mount. She will reward you with a bell used to summon spirits.

When does the tombstone icon appear?

Even if you have the bell and some of the spirit ashes, you won\’t be able to summon allies all the time. The tombstone icon appears on the screen when summoning is available. It usually appears in areas where it\’s hard to get through alone, such as camps, locations with powerful enemies, or boss arenas. The tombstone icon indicates that a challenging battle is coming up nearby.


What is the Tombstone icon in Elden Ring?

The Tombstone icon in Elden Ring is a symbol that appears next to certain items in the game. It resembles a gravestone with a cross on top, and its meaning is connected to the game\’s lore. It is believed to represent the death of a character or a significant event that has occurred in the game\’s world. When the Tombstone icon appears, it indicates that the item or location it is attached to has some connection to this event or character\’s death. It is up to the player to investigate and uncover the meaning behind it.

How does the Tombstone icon affect gameplay in Elden Ring?

The Tombstone icon does not directly affect gameplay in Elden Ring. However, it is a visual cue that can guide players towards important story elements or hidden secrets in the game world. By paying attention to where the Tombstone icons appear, players can piece together the narrative and uncover hidden lore. Some items with the Tombstone icon may also have unique properties or effects, making them valuable items to collect and use in combat.

What other symbols should players look out for in Elden Ring?

In addition to the Tombstone icon, players should keep an eye out for other symbols and visual cues in Elden Ring. These include glowing orbs, which indicate the presence of hidden items or secrets, and unique markings on walls or terrain, which can reveal secret paths or unlock new areas. Players should also pay attention to the names of enemies and locations, as these often provide hints about the game\’s lore and story. By exploring the game world thoroughly and paying attention to these details, players can uncover the hidden depths of Elden Ring\’s rich and mysterious world.

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