Elden Ring: Understanding Equip Load

This Elden Ring guide will provide you with a walkthrough on equip load and its impact on gameplay.

Here, you will discover what equip load is and how it can affect your character. This page also contains tips on equip burden in Soulsborne games.

Equip Load is a game mechanic that limits players from equipping too many heavy items for their character. The mechanic has four stages of equip burden that include:

  1. 29.9% or less – Quick Rolls: A fast roll animation with the most iFrames that can be performed over long distances, making you invulnerable to damage during a precise dodge.
  2. 30% – 69.9% – Normal Rolls: Standard roll animation, a bit slower than the previous one, but still very powerful to use, which also has iFrames, but in a slightly smaller amount.
  3. 70% – 99.9% – Fat Rolls: Slow rolls that cover a much shorter distance than previous versions. You will have a stamina regen penalty of approximately 20%, and you will also use up more of it.
  4. Over 100% – Over-encumbered state: Performing dodge rolls becomes impossible. When you attempt to roll, the character will practically stand still and move slightly forward. The standard walking animation is replaced with a slower version.

It\’s advisable to keep your load capacity below 69.9% to perform at least standard dodge rolls with iFrames. However, if you prefer heavy armor and protection with a large shield, you can play with Fat Rolls with no more than 100% of your equip load.

It\’s worth noting that rings and talismans can increase your Equip Load, allowing you to carry heavier weapons and armor.


1. What is Equip Load in Elden Ring?

Equip Load is a mechanic in Elden Ring that determines how much weight your character can carry without being weighed down. It is represented by a percentage that is displayed in the character menu. The higher the percentage, the slower your character will move and the less stamina they will have. If your Equip Load exceeds 100%, your character will be unable to roll or sprint. Keeping your Equip Load under 70% is recommended to maintain agility in combat.

2. How can I increase my Equip Load?

There are several ways to increase your Equip Load in Elden Ring. The easiest way is to level up your Vitality stat, which increases your maximum equip load. Equipping certain items, such as rings or armor pieces, can also increase your Equip Load. Additionally, certain spells or items can temporarily increase your Equip Load, allowing you to carry more items or equipment for a short period of time.

3. What happens if I exceed my Equip Load?

If your Equip Load exceeds 100%, your character will be unable to roll or sprint. This can be a significant disadvantage in combat, as it limits your ability to dodge attacks or close the distance between you and your opponent. Additionally, exceeding your Equip Load can drain your stamina faster, leaving you vulnerable to attacks and making it difficult to maintain a strong offense. It is generally recommended to keep your Equip Load under 70% to maintain agility and avoid these penalties.

4. Can I change my Equip Load during combat?

You cannot change your Equip Load during combat in Elden Ring. However, you can adjust your equipment and inventory outside of combat to optimize your Equip Load for different situations. For example, you may want to equip heavier armor and weapons for a boss fight, but switch to lighter equipment for exploring or traveling. It is important to plan ahead and prepare your loadout to suit your playstyle and the challenges you will face in the game.

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