Elden Ring: Player Messages

This Elden Ring guide provides a walkthrough on how to use player messages in soulsborne games and avoid being deceived by other players.

The game mechanic of player messages allows any player to write messages for their own purposes. Some messages help other players by providing information about threats and directions, while others mislead players into fatal situations by promising non-existent rewards.

It is important to not always trust the messages you read. You should verify their truthfulness before acting on them, especially when your life is at risk, such as hitting a wall that might be an illusory wall.

  • How to Write Messages?
  • How to Check the Credibility of a Message?
  • Profits from Writing a Message

How to Write Messages?

To write messages in soulsborne games, you need to use a reusable item like a stylus. You can choose from pre-made words and phrases to create your own message, which will inform another player about something.

How to Check the Credibility of a Message?

  1. Do not trust the message rating system blindly. It only shows the total number of ratings for a message but does not distinguish between positive and negative ratings. A message with a high score may not be reliable.
  2. If a message suggests jumping into an abyss or hitting an illusory wall, use stones to mark the way. If the stone goes through the wall or breaks in the abyss, then the message may be true.
  3. You can verify the message yourself by hitting the wall or scouting the area before jumping.

Profits from Writing a Message

Aside from helping or trolling other players, for each rating you receive, you\’ll regain some of your health, which can be useful in critical situations. Therefore, it is worth writing messages to aid other players.


What are player messages in Elden Ring?

Player messages in Elden Ring are a way for players to communicate with each other without directly interacting. These are short messages that players can leave for others to find throughout the game world. They can be helpful tips or warnings about enemies or traps, or they can be funny or cryptic messages meant to entertain or confuse other players.

How do player messages work in Elden Ring?

To leave a player message in Elden Ring, players need to find a special item called a message stone. These stones can be found throughout the game world, and players can use them to write a short message that will be left for other players to find. When another player comes across the message, they can rate it up or down depending on whether they found it helpful or not.

What are some examples of player messages in Elden Ring?

Some examples of player messages in Elden Ring might include tips for defeating a tough boss, warnings about hidden traps or ambushes, or messages that are meant to be funny or confusing. For example, a player might leave a message that says \”Try rolling, but hole ahead\” to warn others about a dangerous pitfall, or they might leave a message that says \”Tongue but hole\” just for fun.

Why are player messages important in Elden Ring?

Player messages are important in Elden Ring because they allow players to communicate and help each other without breaking the immersive atmosphere of the game. They also add a layer of mystery and intrigue to the game world, as players never know what kind of message they might find around the next corner. Additionally, player messages can help add to the replayability of the game, as players may discover new messages or tips on subsequent playthroughs.

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