Elden Ring: Latenna, the Albinauric – Step-by-Step Guide

Here is a guide on how to complete the quest of Latenna, the Albinauric in Elden Ring. This quest involves finding the Secret Haligtree Medallions.

Our Elden Ring guide provides a detailed walkthrough for the Latenna, the Albinuaric questline. You need to find the Secret Haligtree Medallions to gain access to the secret region of Consecrated Snowfield.

  • Location
  • How to complete the quest?
  • Reward for completing the quest


Latenna, the Albinauric, can be found in Liurnia of the Lakes in the Slumbering Wolf\’s Shack.

How to complete the quest?

Travel to Liurnia of the Lakes and find the cave near the lake that leads to Latenna. This cave is called Lakeside Crystal Cave.

Go deeper into the cave, while being careful of crystal snails, and fight the boss Bloodhound Knight. Defeating the boss unlocks a shed where you find Latenna. The dialogue differs depending on whether you have the first Haligtree Medallion or not.

You must find the first medallion, which is with Albus, an Albinauric in Village of the Albinuarics. Roll towards the pot to the right behind the fire-wielding opponent in the upper part of the village to reveal Albus\’s true form. After a short conversation, he will give you the Haligtree Secret Medallion (Right). Return to Latenna in the Slumbering Wolf\’s Shack and accept her request to receive her ashes and a clue for finding the next medallion.

Take Latenna\’s ashes to her likeness in the Apostate Deerelict in the Consecrated Snowfield. The area is located in the north-west. Use her ashes to complete the quest. The quest will conclude after a dialogue with Latenna.

Reward for completing the quest

Completing the quest will reward you with Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone, Latenna\’s ashes, a half of Haligtree Secret Medallion, and a hint for finding the second half of the medallion.


1. What is Latenna, the Albinauric?

Latenna, the Albinauric is a character in the upcoming action role-playing game Elden Ring. She is described as a mysterious and powerful being with an otherworldly presence. Players will encounter her throughout their journey and she will play a significant role in the game\’s story.

2. How do I find Latenna in Elden Ring?

As of now, there is no specific information on how to find Latenna in Elden Ring. It is likely that players will come across her as they progress through the game\’s main story or complete certain quests. The game\’s open-world nature will allow players to explore and discover new areas, so it is possible that Latenna may be found in a hidden or hard-to-reach location.

3. What abilities or powers does Latenna possess?

While there is limited information on Latenna\’s abilities and powers, it is known that she is a formidable force in Elden Ring. She is said to possess incredible magic and is able to manipulate the elements to her will. It is also rumored that she may have the ability to control time itself. Players should approach any encounters with Latenna with caution and be prepared for a challenging battle.

4. Can I ally with Latenna in Elden Ring?

As of now, it is unknown if players will have the option to ally with Latenna in Elden Ring. However, given her importance in the game\’s story and her powerful abilities, it is possible that players may be able to forge a temporary alliance with her in certain situations.

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